Friday, July 07, 2006

Rashes Rashes

Oh dear, rashes on my legs and it started yesterday morning :(

Yesterday morning at 715am

Me: Mom.. mom... mom... wake up!!!! Look at my leg? Rashes! I am very scared. How? How?

Mom: Huh? Huh? (she was somehow still in sleeping mode)

Me: wake up!!

Mom: Okay! Okay! Let me see. Oh, it's 'fung mok'..

Me: What? No, I think bugs bite me as I saw one bug inside my room on my wardrobe surface.

Mom: Nevermind. Come, let me wash up and I bring you to da doctor.

20 minutes later, reached Clinic...

Doctor: Morning, how are you?

Me: No fine, doctor! Look at me, rashes all over my leg!!!!!!

Doctor: Oh, I think you are alergy to some kind of food or medicines.

Me: No, no! I didn't take any medicines at all. I am fine and normal.

Doctor: It's 'fung mok'...

Me: I think bugs bite me!!!!

Doctor: Calm down. I give you this medicine and eat for few days and see how it goes. At da same, do apply da cream that I am going to give you.

At 9am, back to Office, da rashes gone before I eat da medicine.... That's weird I thought. Anyway, nothing much happened until this morning.....

At 730am...

Me:!!!!! Da rashes are back!!!! Sob.........

Mom: It's 'fung mok'..

Me: How? How? Why it only happens in da morning?!!! Never have I encounter this before! :(

Mom: Is ok, no worries. Small matter. You are alergy to something.

Me: So how? Am I going to be okay?

Mom: Okay, let me call da chinese medical clinic and see what time da doctor will be there.

Me: Quick, mom! Me scared! Sob....

Mom: Now you wanna be afraid. Told you that you are weak. You should really eat rice! No rice everyday, I wonder how can you survive!

Mom: Da doctor will be in da clinic at 9am. We shall go there at 930am okay and now you have to continue with da yesterday's medicine.

Me: Okay.

At 12pm, done with my office works, picked mom and fled to da Clinic.....

Doctor: So, what's your problem?

Me: Ermmm... itchy.... I've rashes on my legs. Let me show you.....

Doctor: Oh, da rashes are all gone. You'd seen another doctor and taken some medicine before this?

Me: Yeah and it looks like it came back again in da morning and right after I consumed da medicine, da rashes are all gone!

Doctor: Okay, no worries. It's 'fung mok'. Let me feel your beat on your wrist.

Doctor put his hand on my wrist to feel da beat and after 5 minutes....

Doctor: Gal, you've got no enough blood and that's da cause of this 'fung mok'...

Mom: See.. see!!!! I told you to eat rice! Not enough nutrition! Doctor, you have to advice her for me. She will never ever listen to me.

Me: Ermmm..... but I think that bugs bite me!

Doctor: No, you are weak in da sense of you have got no enough blood! It's critical. If you continue like this, you gonna faint anytime!

Me: Ahhhhhhhh?

Doctor: Aunty (talking to mom), you have to double-boiled ginseng for her to replenish da blood or else, she will have more rashes in da future.

Me: What?!!!!!!!!! More rashes? (Almost fainted)

Doctor: Yes, it happened for da 1st time. If you don't take care of your health, there will be 2nd time, 3rd time, 4th time.... Anyway, you don't have to worry. You will be fine after you drink da medicine I am going to give you later.

Me: Doctor, am I going to die?

Doctor: Lol..... no no! It's just a small matter but you've got no enough blood and you are alergy to something that clash with it. So, from now on, you have to eat more in a healthy way. You are lucky that it didn't spread to your body, your face and your hands.

Gosh...that's really bad!!!!!! Oh dear, wish me get well soon :(


jessiewoo said...

so afraid liao la dun wan listen ask u eat "pou pan" dun wan ... wanna "kam fei" i wonder if u hav any "fei" to "kam" or not ... sigh ... anyway wish u get well soon N EAT MORE ok ...

Meiyen said...

errmmm.......i am darn scared! Horrible!!!!!! Sob sob sob....but thank god, looks like i am in da process of recovering. This morning, when i woke up, i saw no rashes!!!!! Something to be happy about.....:D

LayfuN said...

get well soon my dear... EAT MORE... as tyng mentioned...