Monday, July 31, 2006

Yummylicious Low-fat IceCream

After brunch at Dome 1 Utama, we went to Cold Storage @ BSC to shop for groceries and I managed to buy one tub of Bulla Light Vanilla 98% Fat Free Ice Cream and one tub of Wall's Chocolate Low-fat Ice Cream.

Yippee, back at home and put da Ice Creams into da freezer. At 7pm, went out to a near by chinese restaurant to have dinner with parents and right after dinner, we drove home to catch da 2006 Astro Talent Quest which was screened at 8pm.

Da usual me once again craved for Dessert and since I'd bought 2 tubs of Ice Cream hence I'd created my very own.....

Light Vanilla & Low-fat Chocolate Ice Cream topped with Strawberries, Blueberries and Cherry.

Oo lah lah.. I am loving it ;)


LayfuN said...

well.. all time creative meiyen!!! >.^

Meiyen said...

muahahaha....libra, libra! :p oops, hope that you und what i meant..:p