Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Zidane, Da Best Player of World Cup 2006

I am over-joyed to know that Zinedi Zidane is da World Cup Golden Ball Winner!!!!!!!!!!! :D

However, I am still heartbroken, still very upset over da incident that he was being sent off for head-butting Materazzi. I can't even remember how many times I'd watched da repeat of da match between Italy and France yesterday. Shocked and still can't believe that actually happened.

Boooooooooooooooooo Materazzi!!!!! Boooooooooooooo.......

Anyways, Zidane will always be da greatest player for France. No doubt, he played very well and he definitely entitled for this award. He deserved to win this award!

I personally think that da world should remember this great footballer rather than to focus on da red card as I feels that da one to be blamed is Materazzi!!!!!! Hate him, hate him!!!!!!!!

Zidane, a great player, a great man, not only to France but to da rest of da world. Gonna miss him very much..... :'( :'(


LayfuN said...

aiks.. my fren.. since when u admire Zidane so much r? but.. anyway.. he is a good player... will miss him too!!!

Meiyen said...

since when huh... hmmm... i guess being influenced by uncle bob... he has been telling me how good zidane is and telling me da 'grandma-story' of how france got into WC and of course with da fact that zidane was invited back to play for france even after he was retired... so and so and so.... anyways, i saw him played and i must say that he's definitely one great player in this generation.... he's real cool!!!!!! adore him so much... :p

LayfuN said...

oh.. icic.. haha!!