Friday, August 04, 2006

The Break-Up

Yada yada... The Break-Up is finally up in da cinema and we managed to watch it yesterday ;) I must say that it's a great movie to watch. Vince Vaughn (Gary) and Jennifer Aniston (Brooke) were great! Da story revolves around da lives of Gary and Brooke where they have been in a relationship for 2 years and have been living together for quite some time.

One fine day, out of da blue, they decides to call it quits after an argument. Like all couples that live together, when da relationship ends, they have to decide who is staying and who is leaving. Da funny part is, they both stay and that's da beginning of how they try on showing their anger for one another, how they make one another jealous and how they have to cope with each other.
Watching both of them live together with their status as being 'Single' definitely makes some funny scenes. However towards da end of da show, gone is da humour and there are some scenes which touched my heart when Gary hope to mend their relationship.

I definitely love this movie! It's very realitistic on how it potrays relationships especially it's on da brink dissolution. It reminds me that life isn't always beautiful and as rosy as I always thought. There are times where there will be cloudy days, no sunshine at all and all you see is just a mixture of gray and blue in colours.

Watch this movie with an open mind and one might take away a lesson or two end of da day :) Highly recommended!

After da show while walking out from da cinema...

Darling: I like da movie!

Me: Not a good ending. They broke off and they didn't patch up :(

Darling: That's why this movie is titled as The Break-Up and that's a good ending. A good ending means they still can be friends and still can say Hi to each other.

Me: Whatever... :p

Few minutes later.....

Darling: Omg, just like you...

Me: What do you mean just like me?

Darling: You know, when she says something like...."Why can't you do things without me telling you to do it?"

Me: *Look at him sarcastically*

Darling: See see... exactly like you :p

Me: Bleuk.....

Darling: Gals... gals... all da same!!!

Me: Wey... all we want is just some sweet words from you guys when we are not in a good mood especially after an argument. That won't kill you right?

Darling: Tsk....tsk... I better shut my mouth ;)


J said...

I found the movie really scary actually....

Can you imagine breaking up with your honey over an argument that started about lemons?


Meiyen said...

Yeah..look at it, a small little problem leads to an argument and that's da end of everything. How pathetic! Then again, it does happen in real life. I bet I got da message from da movie, we should not take things for granted :)

LayfuN said...

i wanna watch this movie.. maybe i will be watching it alone.. dun wanna watch with other ppl.. :p

Meiyen said...

layfun, why wanna watch it alone? Hmmmm.... get a guy friend to watch with you ;)