Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Cafe Flam @ Sunway Pyramid

Cafe Flam; a Restaurant, a Bar and a Music Room

As far as I concern, Cafe Flame @ Sunway Pyramid has long been a flaming hotspot for food and music. Last Sunday, we were around da Sunway area hence darling and I decided to drop by for a visit to discover what kind of good food this place serves.

This time around, darling ordered da Classic Minestrone Soup instead of his all time favourite creamy soup. Priced at RM 8, it came in a rich Vegetable base with fresh Brasil and Rosemary Oil. Darling complaint that da soup was very much dilluted while I think that it tasted like ABC Soup ;)

For Main Course, we had da Pan-Fried Fillet of Seabass with braised 'Pak Choy' and Potatoes in Sweet and Sour Balsamic Gravy. Priced at RM30, I find it a little bit expensive and not as good as I thought. Da fillet was somehow smelly and I suspect that it was because da fish was not fresh. Darling didn't like it much as well as he felt that da gravy tasted very weird. Bad bad..

Besides da fish dish, we also had da Australian Lamb Rack which served with Mixed Vegetables, Mashed Potatoes and Mint Sauce. Luckily da Lamb Rack tasted good or else, it will be another bad review over here. Priced at RM 32, I must say that it was so much better than da Seabass Fillet.

For dessert, we had da Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream. Ooppps, I couldn't recall how much it's priced at but this yummylicious Brownie definitely has darling's vote! He loved da texture of this cake so much and believe it or not, every bites out of it, there were Wallnuts all around in our mouth. Very good!

Overall, da food was pretty okay. It's definitely a good place to be, to catch up with friends after a tiring working day. Da lights are warm and comforting. Not to forget that they do have a big projector as well. We definitely had a good time enjoying da food while watching da Formula 1 German Grand Prix where my favourite idol, Peter Schumacher won that race! Yada yada...

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jessiewoo said...

wow so nice r ... i watch da F1 also ... kekeke so "ying" hor keke