Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Chuai Heng Restaurant @ 1 Utama

In conjunction with my dad's birthday (today) and my little sista's lunar calendar birthday (yesterday), darling and I brought my family to Chuai Heng Restaurant for dinner. Basically, they serves fine and good Chinese food and all of us were quite satisfied with da food that we had. However, I must say that it's quite pricey to dine in though and I just can't believe that a small glass of Apple Juice that I had cost a whopping RM 12! Oh my god, I feel da pain! *Tooth-ache*

We started off with Mini Buddha Jump Over Da Wall which priced at RM 38.80++ per bowl/per pax. It was very yummy! *Slurp*

Ooooo.... look at da yummylicious Abalone, absolutely scrumptious!

Next, we had da Braised See Cucumber with Bean Curd & Broccoli which tasted very good too! Believe it or not, it's priced at RM 12++ per plate/per pax.

Then, we had Stir Fried Fish Maw with Spring Onion & Ginger which priced at RM 45++ per plate. I loved da Fish texture so much cause it was very fresh and to eat along with da Spring Onion, it was definitely a good combination!

This yummylicious Stir Fried Prawns with Celery definitely my favourite! Da Prawns were very fresh with springy texture while da Celery were so nice to chew! Priced at RM 45++ per plate, it was a fabulous dish!

Last dish of da night, Steamed Chicken with Five Spice Powder. Looks tempting isn't it? Priced at RM 35++, we thought it was quite good but mom didn't like it as she said that da smell of da five spice powder were too strong for her tastebud.

Overall, nothing much to be complaint except for da Apple Juice which I had mentioned earlier. Da bill came close to RM 500 for 5 persons and fyi, there were no Dessert at all. Pretty pricey isn't it? Hmm....


babe_kl said...

i agree with you that they're pretty pricey. sometimes its more worth it if we order the set.

btw, would you like to participate in the virtual potluck. i'm hosting the Merdeka Open House 2006. see the details here

LayfuN said...

well.. it is definately a pricey reataurant.. and everytime i dine-in also coz got ppl pay for me.. haha.. if not.. i wont step in.. but the food there.. no doubt.. is delicious.. >.^

Meiyen said...

babe, u mean they actually offer set meals eventhough it's for 5 persons? I always thought that set meals are meant for 10 persons.

As refer to your Merdeka Open House 2006, thank you for your invitation and I will try my best to participate yeah. I am quite a newbie into this and hopefully I can come up with 'something'...

babe_kl said...

thanks meiyen. oops the set is for 10 pax. try oriental group of restaurants cos they offer sets for lesser pax plus they can add on the number of pax u needed