Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Decent Dinner @ Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant

It has been quite awhile since da last time darling and I had a good Japanese meal hence last Sunday, I suggested darling to have dinner at Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant @ SS15, Subang Jaya which highly recommended by some of my good friends. Once inside da restaurant, we went upstair and da waitress seated us on da floor. Whoa, once seated, it feels so comfortable with a pleasant blend of light and colour. We were given 2 menus, one usual daily menu and one summer specials menu. Let's check out da delicious food that we had ordered...

A Sushi & Mini Udon Set (RM 35)

Oo lah lah... look at da yummylicious Assorted Sushis that they served! Absolutely good!

This Mini Udon definitely has my vote! *Slurp*

Da set came with a small bowl of Salad as well. Fresh and cold enough, yummy!

A good smooth Chawanmushi was included in da set too. Darling mentioned that it has to be da best Chawanmushi for him so far :)

Beside da Sushi & Mini Udon Set,

We had Blue-fin Tuna Fatty Belly Sashimi. I was rather over-joyed knowing that they served this fish and immediately I told darling to order it. As far as I know, da Blue-fin Tuna is very much close to extinction, highly prized as a sport fish and one of da most valued food dish in da ocean. Priced at RM 65 for 5 pcs, I must say that it was fabulous!

Grilled Silver Cod with Teriyaki Sauce. Priced at RM 28, da fish was very fresh and da sauce tasted great!

Oh oh, they serves Mackerel as well! Oh dear, it's my all-time favourite fish and for this reason, darling ordered da Grilled Mackerel with Salt for me which priced at RM 16. For Mackerel lovers, this's definitely a must-try dish at Rakuzen ;) Good good!

As usual, whenever we dine at a Japanese Restaurant, darling will never ever miss out his favourite Ikura Sushi. Priced at RM 8 per pc (quite expensive isn't it?), he said that it was heavenly good.

Da moment both of us saw da Unagi & Avocado Roll in da menu, we were both so tempted by it. Without thinking further, we then ordered this Roasted Eel and Omelette Roll topped with Avocado which priced at RM 22. Yummy yummy! Look at da amout of avocado they served, definitely worth it!

Skewered Shiitake Mushroom for me! Ekekekekeke... mushroom mushroom! Always my favourite and priced at RM 10, I must say that it was delicious!

As for Desserts, we had da famous Vanilla Ice Cream Wafer with Thick Chocolate in it which priced at RM 8. Amazing I thought, da Wafer managed to wrap da Ice Cream so well that it wouldn't fall off at all! Darling and I definitely enjoyed every bites out of it. I've fall in love with this Dessert and I will be back for more! ;)

We wanted Green Tea Ice Cream and da waitress told us that they were out of stock. She was kind enough to recommend us another heavenly good Dessert, Strawberry Ice Cream wrapped with Rice Skin which also priced at RM 8. Trust me, this Dessert is a must-order item! Da moment darling had his first bite out of it, he was speechless! He couldn't even describe how good it was and da moment it went into my mouth, whoaaaaaaaaaaa..... just good to be true!

Oh my god, we are such a big-eater! Believe it or not, we both finished everything above and for your information, Rakuzen will be da top-rated Japanese Restaurant in my list! No doubt, it's pricey to dine at Rakuzen but you will definitely be satisfied with da yummy food that they serves. I will be back, I definitely will be back for more good food at Rakuzen ;)


jessiewoo said...

wuah so tempting leh ... u little devil ... cannot la cannot show all this picture to me adi ... i muz on diet adi ... or else *habis* lor me surely kena scold again by da doctor :P

boo_licious said...

Wow, great pixs of Rakuzen's food. On the vanilla ice cream wafer. You can buy that from any Japanese supermarket. Hmmm, maybe I shld get some this wkend and blog abt that.

Meiyen said...

hi boo, thanks for dropping by and thanks for da compliments! I didn't know that da Vanilla Ice Cream Wafer is available at Japanese Supermarket. Thanks for da information and I shall wait for you to blog about that yeah...

Meiyen said...

tyng, u must try da food at Rakuzen! Yummy yummy okay....nvm, wait till you give birth to your gal 1st yeah... hahaha