Monday, August 21, 2006

Kim Gary Beyond @ Sunway Pyramid

Last Saturday, we were at Kim Gary Beyond, Sunway Pyramid for brunch and looks like they have just refurbished da entire Restaurant with a new theme colour and a new name too? I thought it used to be Kim Gary Cafe and Restaurant and now it has become Kim Gary Beyond instead? Hmmm... I remember that da restaurant used to be very 'yellowish' and now it has transformed into 'purplish'. Hmmm... I am wondering if that applies to all da other Kim Gary's outlets.

Oooo.... look, it's so 'purplish'!

Lavender Flowers all over da Restaurant :) Oh fyi, those Lavender Flowers aren't real ;)

My other half ordered da Spaghetti Pork Chop in Garlic Sauce Set Lunch which priced at RM 11.50. Da sauce was very aromatic and da Pork Chop was really good! Definitely a good combination :)

Darling's set lunch also came with a small cup of Borsch Soup. Tasted like ABC Soup, it was pretty delicious!

As for myself, I had da Korean Noodles with Pork Chop. Priced at RM 10.50 per bowl, it came in a generous portion. Da soup base was quite spicy and appetizing while da noodles were soft which definitely has my vote. However, my other half didn't quite like da texture of da noodles as he mentioned that it has got no different with our local 'maggi-mee' ;)

Next, we had French Toast which's priced at RM 3.90 per plate. Definitely a must order item for me in any of da Hong Kong Eatery cause it's always my favourite. Yum yum!

Drinks that we had; Milk Tea for my other half which is included in da Set Lunch that he ordered. Strawberry with Aloe Vera for me and priced at RM 5.90, I must say that it was heavenly good! Lotsa Strawberries and Aloe Veras in it! *Slurp*

Basically, we left Kim Gary happily cause there were nothing much to complain though. Good services, very attentive and definitely a worthy meal where da bill came to us less than RM 35 for da above food.


boo_licious said...

purple must be the new colour for chan tengs - Wong Kok in SS2 has also gone lilac.

Not managed to get the choc wafer ice cream yet as it's sold out. Will need to check the bigger supermarket but I did get other ice creams which are still sitting in the freezer as I always keep forgetting abt them during the day.

Meiyen said...

boo, oh really? purple must be 'in' now...ekekekeke.. oh yeah, i am still waiting for your choc wafer ice cream ehehehehe... nvm, u take your time and i shall be patient :)

LayfuN said...

i must go!!!! hahaa~~~ well.. this reminds me of last time.. i used to hang out there with John.. for so many times... and now i MUST go there when i am back to KL... hahahaha~~~ but im not sure whether i got enough time or not.. :p