Monday, August 14, 2006

Mp3 Watch

We were at PC Fair yesterday and to our surprise, we found one really cool gadget!

Whooooaaaa.... an MP3 Watch ;) So cool I thought!

Oh boy, I was so tempted to buy it and within da next few minutes, darling asked me to choose one for myself as he told me that he will buy one for me. I believe that he saw my saliva dripping while looking at da MP3 Watch. Muahahahaha...... Oh how happy I was! :D :D

Woohooo........ I've got a new toy, a Blue in color sporty MP3 Watch. Thank you, darling and I am loving it!

Oh oh, darling bought one for himself too and it's Black in colour... Cool!!!

Love it!!!! Fyi, not only that it can store more than 50 MP3 songs but it has a voice recording function as well! Oo lah lah, now I can happily wear this lovely toy of mine on my wrist wherever I go, while I pratice yoga or maybe when I am having my usual body work out back at home and da best thing is, it works like a pen drive where I can save any files in it. Goodie!

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