Friday, August 04, 2006

Peranakan Place @ 1 Utama

Peranakan Place ; Authentic Nyonya Cuisine

Before I start to blog over da food that darling and I tried at Peranakan Place 1 Utama, allow me to have a few words on 'Peranakan'. In brief, it means descendants of the early Chinese Immigrants to da Nusantara region. They are commonly known as Babas; refer to da male descendants and Nyonyas; the female. As far as I know, da Babas-Nyonyas (Straits Chinese, a hybrid of Chinese settlers from da Ming Dynasty and local Malays) can be easily spotted in Malacca and Penang with a very interesting language spoken by them, which is a unique patoic of Malay and Chinese Dialect of Hokkien.

Without going any further, lets check out da goodie food we had yesterday before watching The Break-Up ;)

Drinks that we had; Hot Chinese Tea which priced at RM 1 and Cincau, priced at RM 2. Hey readers, da Cincau is a must try drink! It was absolutely good with Selasih (as mentioned by da waitress) in it. It definitely has to be da best Cincau for me so far ;) *Slurp*

I tried their promotion item, Fried House Noodle (Yee Mee) with Prawns, Mixed Vegetables and Chicken. Priced at RM 6.90, it was good and real cheap! I quite like da thin texture of da noodle as compare to da normal Yee Mee I usually have. Worth it.. worth it!

My other half had da Gerang Assam Fillet with White Rice which priced at RM 18 per pot. It's mentioned that da Fish were cooked in Spicy Gravy with Lemon Grass, Bunga Kantan and Tomatoes. No complaint, it was fabolous!

Having only one dish to eat with rice definitely not enough hence darling ordered another Vegetable Dish; Paku which I've never eat before in my life and yesterday was my first time trying it. We opted for da Garlic Paku instead of da Belachan Paku because I am currently on a strict diet due to rashes appearance on my legs. Yeah, no Seafood, no Belachan... :( Phewww... back to da Paku, I pondered awhile before I really put it inside my mouth. Slowly chew on it, hmmmm not too bad though being da first-timer trying this Fern-like Vege which tasted good. Priced at RM 8, it definitely suits my tastebud, not too salty!

Looks like this place has got my vote! Good food, good value! ;)


faz. said...

hey :) i just went to this restaurant last night and the food was AWESOME! haha. dont mind if i use some of yr pics here? :) thanks.

nicnic said...

Good food place!