Monday, August 14, 2006

Sagano Japanese Restaurant @ Rennaisance Hotel

Yesterday, before we head ourselves to PC Fair @ KLCC, we dropped by at Sagano Japanese Restaurant. Located on da 1st floor of Renaissance Hotel @ Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, we went for their Sunday Buffet Lunch (12pm-3pm) which's priced at RM 72++ per pax.

While we were walking towards Sagano, I saw this beautiful Chandelier Crystal Glass at da lobby which I hope that one day I can own it and have it in my house *Dreaming* Ekekekeke...

Fyi, we were first timer at Sagano hence we took some time to explore da place before seated ourselves. Ambience wise, it was good and equally soothing where da Sashimi & Sushi Bar is separated away from da Teppanyaki Corner and leave a small little corner for Dessert Spread.

Basically, there were Fresh Oysters, Prawns, Soft Shell Crabs, Beef but I didn't feed my tummy with that as I am still on a very strict diet to fight against da rashes. Hence there will be no photos on da above mentioned items. There were not much of Sashimi & Sushi selection though and not so apetizing too :( Only Tuna and Salmon? There were like 2 types of Sushi only? Oooooo.... that was pretty bad isn't it? *Disappointed* Neways, they've got pretty good 4 types of Teppanyaki; Chickens, Salmons, Oysters and Beef selection.

Anyways, before going anymore further, I think I shall let da photos do da talking....

Salad, Sashimis and Baby Octopus

Chicken Sukiyaki and believe me, da Tofu was darn good!

Mixed Tempuras and Braise Tofu

Chawanmushi and Unagi

Salmon Teppanyaki with Stir Fried Vegetables

Osyters Teppanyaki with Stir Fried Vegetables

Chicken Teppanyaki with Mixed Tempuras

Japanese Steamboat with Mustard in it. Yummy yummy :)

Cold Soba, always my favourite!

Dessert, dessert, dessert! Omochi, Brownie, Lemon Cheese Cake, RedBean Jelly and Chocolate Wallnut Cake. I loved it!!!!

Darling made this yummylicious Macha Ice cream with Red Bean and Chocolate Chips. *Slurp*

Grape Pudding, Tiramisu Cake, Blackforest Roll with Chocolate Chips Cookie. Thumb down for da Tiramisu, it was somehow tastesless!

In summary, I would say that da buffet spread at Sagano was rather plain. After all, darling and I think that da japanese buffet we had before at Kampachi and Genji Restaurant still da best :)


boo_licious said...

Yeah, Kampachi is still the best in my opinion. Even better than Jogoya.

Meiyen said...

boo, i second your opinion! They have da best tempuras and i still remember that i got to queue up for da tempuras and one person somehow was limited to take 6 pcs at a time! Have u been to Genji PJ Hilton?

boo_licious said...

Genji is pretty good too - I like the fact you can get salmon in the california roll and oden plus unagi from the cooked food section.

Meiyen said... flow of unagi and also da japanese style pizza... loved it!

/\_-*^*-!Kenneth!-*^*-_/\ said...

Cool.. I wish I could go there ~_~..

*Sob* Sounds really tasty =P..=)

Meiyen said...

hi kenneth, thanks for dropping by! oh well, you can!!! fly to m'sia, lotsa good food around here! ;)