Monday, August 28, 2006

Sevenatenine @ The Ascott, KL

Comes weekend, time for darling and I seek for good food hence last Saturday, we decided to have dinner at Sevenatenine, The Ascott which is located at Jalan Pinang, KL (opposite KLCC). We arrived this place at 7pm and it was still very empty at that time. Sevenatenine is done up all in white, very clean with a very soothing ambience. Da ground floor is for casual dining while mezzanine is for intimate diners and private gatherings. Absolutely lovely!

Lovely settings for some much needed relaxation :)

Darling and I with our favourite Red Wine :)

We kicked start with complimentary Breads. It was good!

One of da Seven Samplers (Starters) we had, Wild Mushroom Soup (RM 12.70). It was not good at all, bad! Extremely oily and not creamy! I bet must be da mushroom not wild enough, tasted more like a chicken soup.

Oh my god, look at da amount of oil floating on top of da soup. Yikesssss :(

Darling's main course was absolutely special, it was wrapped in a baking paper.

Revealing da little secret behind da wrapper, Dover Sole En Papillote (RM 47). My oh my, darling's main was very aromatic. Not too sure what fish was that but for sure, it has to be white fish which served together with Scallop, Abalone and Asparagus tagged with White Wine Sauce. However, darling didn't quite like it as he mentioned to me that it tasted very weird and definitely not towards his liking. Too bad....

Me da fish lover had White Miso Cod (RM 42.70) which served along with Japanese Eggplant, Carrot, Radish and Cucumber tagged with Gorma Sauce. First few bites out of it, it was quite okay until I reached a level where everything tasted so salty! Weird.... honestly speaking, it tasted more like my mom's cooking and no kidding, my mom can do it much more better!

I was quite amused with da fact that they named da Desserts Menu as Seven Sins. Lol.. it must be really sinful to have Dessert! Anyways, I ordered da Dessert Trio (RM 19.70) consists of Chilled Watermelon Soup, Mango Panna Cotta and Macadamia Chocolate Brownie.

Da Chilled Watermelon Soup which topped with Vanilla Ice cream was good! I've just had an inspiration, we can actually try making this back at home! Ekekekeke ;)

This Italian Mango "Cooked Cream" (Panna Cotta) was undoubtedly yummy where da egg custard was nicely done, light and and silky.

Oh boy, chocolate lovers beware! It's definitely sinful to have this yummy Macadamia Chocolate Brownie but who cares, just too good to be true!

Yooohoo... complimentary Chocolates to end our meal. Very good! ;)

Ladies and gentleman, I must say that it was da Dessert that made our evening full of mostly negative reviews turn into positive. Before I forget, if you are heading to this place for a meal, do dress up elegantly and sexily especially for da ladies. It was somehow a sweet ending as I was given another complimentary Sparkling White Wine with Peach Flavour personally by one unknown ''Mat-Salleh" ;)


LayfuN said...


Meiyen said...

layfun, why you wow!!!!!!? :p

LayfuN said...

haha~~ how was the complimentary Sparkling White Wine taste? and how does the unknown MAT SALLEH looks like leh? haha~~~

Meiyen said...

da complimentary sparkling white wine was good! that ang moh is an old man :p :p :p :p

Joe said...

The food look very messy & lots of flavours all mixed into one dish. Anyway, how was it?

Meiyen said...

joe, thanks for dropping by! no doubt, da environment at this place is good but not da food.. anyways, i must say that da dessert was awesome... maybe you can drop by at this place and let me know if you like their food ;)

Joe said...

I've heard the same what you said -the food is not too great & price a bit on the high side. Will try it out when get the chance. Tx.