Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Sri Muni @ Ss2

A couple of days back as I was craving for mamak food, my other half brought me to Sri Murni @ Ss2 for dinner. As far as I can remember, da last time I had a meal at Murni was like 3 years ago and looks like they have a wide variety of choices now. Oh my god, they even have Claypot Lou Shu Fan!!!! Cool....

Darling and I shared da Strawberry Special Juice. Whoaaaa... it was very good with Longans and Watermelon in it. I loved it :D

Garlic & Cheese Naan for myself. Oo lah lah, it was very delicious and according to my other half, it's actually best eaten with da given condensed milk but I didn't try it cause I always believe that da condensed milk is just too sweet for me. Another thing, I didn't manage to finish it, not even half of it as it came in such a big piece and there were 2 pieces of them! Thankfully, my other half finished it for me or else, it will be all wasted.

My other half had da Special Roti Hawaii. When it was first brought to our table, it really amazed me as it was nicely decorated with Mayonnise just like a spider web! Taste wise, my other half said that it was very good and when I peeked into da Roti, I found Minced Meat, Sausages and a layer of Egg in it. Very special indeed!

We were very satisfied with da food and these yummylicious food costs us less than RM20. Thumb up!


J said...

Used to go to Murni's a LOT when I was in Secondary School/ College but didn't go back there for a few years...
When I went there the other night it was shocking to see how much they've expanded!

Sadly though, it's not like they've extended their shop lots... they just simply took over more of the sidewalk space.
(Argh - me and my friends had a table besides a big garbage bin thingy - luckily it was mostly paper and plastic if not I would have fainted)

boo_licious said...

Murni's food is yummy but so many people though.

Meiyen said...

j, da day that i went there, they took da whole sidewalk space from da first corner to da end corner!

boo, i couldn't agree more on that!