Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Bon Ga Korean Restaurant @ Bangsar

My other half was somehow craving for Korean food da other day hence we decided to make a stop at Bangsar and head to Bon Ga Restaurant for its yummy food. Da last time I had a meal at this place was 2 years ago and it was introduced by my other half. Not too bad, nice and cosy place with pretty good food :)

Da interior design of this place looks very inviting with solid wood tables and seats

A great relaxing ambience

Back in Korea, for hygiene purpose, they use only Stainless Spoons and Chopsticks to eat and it's da same at this place.

Complimentary 9 types of Appetizers. Tasted very good, it kinda activates our tastebuds with sensation and da best thing is that you can ask for more of these appetizers if that's not enough for you :)

We had da Chicken Bool Kokee. Priced at RM 25, da Chicken got to be seasoned with various Korean traditional ingredients before we barbeque it.

Heat up da pan and let da Chicken grilled on top

Hohohoho da Chicken is now well cooked! Hmmm.... delicious!

Next, we had da Chab Chae. Priced at RM 25, this Glass Noodle definitely has my vote! It was nicely tossed with Vegetables and Chicken. Very tasty and not too salty, just right for my tastebuds.

Pancakes are apparently popular in da Korean culture hence, I suggested darling to order da HaeMool Pa-Jeon which's actually a Korean Traditional Pancake serves with various of Seafood and Vegetables. Priced at RM 23, it has got a savoury taste and crispy. Not bad at all :)

Burrrp..... to wash all that food down, we had a cuppa of Green Tea. Cold Green Tea for my other half and Hot Green Tea for myself ;)

Da food was satisfying with a lovely, quiet and pleasant experience. So, if you are craving for Korean food, do check them out at:-

No. 6 - 1, 1st Floor, Jalan Telawi 4,
Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03-22840178


Jackson said...

wow.....those appertizer look so good! I only been to one Korea eating place, which located behind Nikko hotel. But somehow cant remember the building name. They served very nice korean grill.

wyejon said...

gosh... everything is so expensive :O

J said...

The food looks good!

The only thing I don't like about these type of Korean places is that when you leave your clothes and hair, etc, will smell like food....
(It's very distracting!)

boo_licious said...

I didn't even know there's a Korean restaurant at Bangsar! Looks interesting esp the chicken dish.

Meiyen said...

jackson, yeah...they are yummy! oh i think da korean rest that you mentioned somehow a friend of mine introduced to me before but i have yet to try it out...

wyejon, yeah no doubt it's expensive but you can try it when there's a special occasion or once in a blue moon :D

j, yeah they serves good food and i can assure you that when you leave this place, you will still smell as good as before and won't smell like food ;)

boo, according to my bf, this rest has been there for many years... perhaps it's not easily to be spotted as it's located at da 1st floor... oh, da chicken was good.. da meat was tender, love it! anyways, da operating hours for this rest is from 12-230pm (lunch) and 6-1030pm (dinner) if i am not mistaken..

K.M.-가민-家敏~ said...

hi meiyen,

so happy to be able to tag your blog which is full of attractive food!

reg korean food, have you visited the korean restaurant in ampang? which restaurant would be your favourite choice? TQ~