Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Emperor Noodle @ Medan Putra Bandar Menjalara

There was once I passed by Bandar Menjalara area and found a newly opened noodle house which I thought to try it out one fine day and finally last Sunday, darling and I managed to have a quick brunch at this restaurant. There's no English signboard for this restaurant, only Chinese words stated on da signboard which I don't really know what it means. However, looking at da signboard, it's mentioned that this restaurant is owned by Huang Di Noodle Palace and there's one Emperor icon on da signboard as well. Da restaurant is nicely decorated with wallpapers which has got China Palace and Emperor on it, very nice ambience but da whole place is rather yellowish though.

I was recommended by da staff to try this XO Sauce 'Huang Di' Noodle which she mentioned that it's their signature dish. I thought why not to give it a try since they are having 50% off promotion on this item where it was priced at RM 5.90 on that day while on usual days, it's priced at RM 11.80. Since it's their signature dish, I was on a very high expectation thinking that da noodles should be tasted good. First bite of it was quite okay until da next few bites, I felt nausea with da gooey noodles. Yikes... it was such a nightmare :(

Darling had da Minced Pork 'Huang Di' Noodle. Priced at RM 3.80, I think it's quite cheap cause it actually comes together with a bowl of 'WanTan' Soup. Darling didn't complain at all as his portion was fine. No sticky and no gooey but why mine was..... yikes!

We did ordered another side dish, Dumpling Soup. Priced at RM 5.80, it tasted good but da soup was rather oily.

I can't really judge this place yet. Just because of da noodle I had wasn't up to my expectation doesn't mean da rest of da 'Huang Di' Noodles aren't delicious. As far as I know, this Emperor Noodle Restaurant has got a few branches where there's one at Ss2, one at Subang Jaya and a few more in Klang Valley.

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TJ said...

The signboard says 'Huang Di Mian' (Wong Dai Min in cantonese) - 'The Emperor's Noodles'