Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Hawker Food @ Pudu

Too much of good food lately and it's time for a change! Last Sunday, as to look for cheap and good local food, I brought darling to a long road of hawker stalls which is located at Pudu. I remember that when I was still a kid, my cousin used to bring our family to this place and ordered varieties of food to eat. Bringing my other half to this place definitely shocked him as he knows that I am afraid to eat at hawker stalls due to da appearance of rats and cockroaches but at times when I have too much of good food, I will intend to crave for hawker food which is quite normal isn't it? Anyways, who cares as long as da food can feed me full! However, da grime and dirt that cover da entire section gave me an illicit feel though. Just don't look at it and you will be able to enjoy da yummy food around this place ;)

I had da Curry 'Chee Cheung Fan' whereby this stall has been here ever since I was a small kid and I was so surprise to see da old lady still around to sell this yummy 'Chee Cheung Fan'. Not only that they sells Chee Cheung Fan but other Chinese snacks as well as 'Tong Sui'. Believe it or not, this yummylicious Curry 'Chee Cheung Fan' cost me RM 1.20 only and I wonder where else I can have a plate of this with this cheap price.

I also ordered da Fried Carrot Cake (Lo Bak Go) . Priced at RM 3 per plate, it was very good! Lotsa Beansprouts added to it, stir-fried affair with Eggs, Salted Radish and Sweet Dark Soy Sauce. Hmmm... looks a little bit messy and gooey but it was very delicious :D

As I was busy ordering da above food, darling explored da whole place and he found a stall that sells Pork Blood Jello (Pig Blood Cubes) !!!!! Without thinking much, darling ordered da Stewed Pork Blood Jello with Pork Belly in it. Priced at RM 6, it comes together with a bowl of rice and to eat it with da given Chili Sauce it was definitely finger licking good!

Yummy yummy Pork Blood Jello and Pork Belly ;)

We were somehow sitting next to this stall that sells grilling food and da crowd somehow getting bigger and closer as we sit longer. Darling was quite amazed with da appearance of da crowd hence he walked to da stall and ordered da grilling food.

We waited half an hour for this to be served and guess what? This Mix Grilled which consists of Grilled Squid Sheet, Grilled Prawn Cracker, Grilled Baby Octopus and Grilled Beancurd cost us RM 10!!!!! *fainted* My god, it was quite expensive right? RM 10? I can have 8 plates of da Curry 'Chee Cheung Fan'. Anyways, when we were about to leave, we overheard that this stall has got famous due to da appearance in a chinese paper a couple of weeks ago. No wonder da crowd was so big and we were charged RM 10 for this Mix Grilled.

Besides da above food, you will be able to find 'Luk-Luk', Pork Noodle, Nasi Lemak, Fried Chicken, Porridge, Ox Tail Soup, WanTan Mee and etc along da lane. So, if you are a person that can stand hot sensation, dirt and bad smells, this's a place that you would definitely wanna explore otherwise, it's not advisable for you to visit this street;)


wyejon said...

i know this place! you didn't ask for the "gee pei" in the chee cheong fun ah? it's very nice

boo_licious said...

Awww, the chee cheong fun is so yummy! We love the curry sauce and the dried shrimps on top. Try also their white cake. It's sinful with the pork skin too.

There's a good tong sui stall too - the steamed egg custard and herbal tea with egg is so yummy!

We didn't see this grill place, where exactly is it on the row of stalls in relation to the curry chee cheong fun man?

Meiyen said...

wyejon, looks like this's a famous place for hawker food lovers yeah ;) oh, yah yah da 'gee pei' is yummy but i didn't ask for it that day cause i am on diet :p

boo, where's this tong sui stall? didn't know there's another tong sui stall. oh, this grill place is actually somewhere in da middle of da lane..right opposite da 'luk-luk' stall and infront of this stall that sells pork blood jello..

Jackson said...

WOw! Wow! Wow! 3 WOw for the food there! I love the pig blood jello with pig yummy! But personally i dun like chee cheong fun with curry, prefer with sweet sauce only with lots of sesame seed. Pls share with us where is the grilled kiosk a?

Meiyen said...

jackson, whoa looks like pudu hawker food has got lotsa fans! ekekekeke... oh by da way, this stall is located somewhere in da middle lane, opposite 'Luk-Luk' Stall and right infront of stall that sells Pork Blood Jello.

boo_licious said...

tong shui stall is right in front, next to the chee chap chuk place.

sharon said...

mmm.. maybe i know how to go to the hawker stall?? maybe more specified direction.. thanks ya

Meiyen said...

hi sharon, thanks for dropping by. I am not too sure how to direct you but i hope this map would be able to help you..

this hawker food stalls is actually located around da flats area right opposite da fire station..