Saturday, September 09, 2006

Mooncake : Part 1

Yippee, in a month time we will be celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival which falls on da 15th day of eight lunar month which is October 6th this year. I love this festival so much as it kinda reminds me of my sweet childhood days where I played lantern with my little sista and my cousins. Besides that, it's time for family members to gather around to partake of da sweet confectionery, da Mooncake! Mooncakes are somehow eaten throughout da month before da actual festival and they definitely make meaningful gifts for family and friends.

This time around, darling bought me a few boxes of Mooncakes with different brands and flavours. So far, I've tried a few of them and let's check out da new flavours in town!

Da new flavour from Oversea brand, Cherry Blossom. It has a fruity smell and not too sweet. Oooo... not too bad, I kinda like it but not my parents as my dad thinks that it doesn't taste like an origin mooncake at all :p

Also from Oversea, this Golden Starlight flavour has a basic element of lotus paste enriched with pandan leaf essence with green bean paste. Ermmm... I think it's kinda sweet and not really towards my liking and somehow da texture of this green bean paste in da middle was a little bit hard and cracky!

Also tested is da Assorted Nuts & Fruits flavour from Oversea. I don't really fancy this but my parents and my other half love it so much!

Next we have Low Sugar White Coffee, a new flavour from Tai Thong. Looks like half of it made of Lotus paste and half of it made of White Coffee. Not bad, very nice and not too sweet.

Inspired by da classic Italian dessert, Starbucks come out with Tiramisu and Green Tea Chocolate flavour Mooncake. Since I like Tiramisu so much, I thought of to start with this flavour first. Hmmm... quite disappointed with this cause it tasted more like a Coffee flavour, da Cheese texture in da middle tasted more like a mung bean paste and it's not cheap!!! Sigh... hopefully da Green Tea Chocolate flavour will taste good when I try it out later.

More Mooncakes coming soon.....


boo_licious said...

wow! Mooncakes galore. So many varieties to choose from again.

Meiyen said...

boo, looks like this year has got more varities as compare to last year and i can't wait to try all of them... ekekekeke...

J said...

The mooncakes look good!
(Wah - so many though.......)

I still can't bring myself to eat any though...
It's really my own fault - Once, I gorged myself on mooncakes after coming back from Melb and totally overdid it.
The memory of how nauseas I felt then stops me from eating any now.
(That's what you get for being a glutton!)

Meiyen said...

j, having phobia until now eh... hmmm... maybe u can try to have da mini type one so that you won't over eat them..

dobbs said...

Found your interesting blog while I was looking up the new flavours of Overseas mooncakes. Thanks for the review :)