Saturday, September 16, 2006

Mooncake : Part 2 (Homemade Redbean PingPei)

I didn't manage to attend Yoga Class yesterday due to torrential downpour around my area and mom kept asking me not to go unless I wanna be caught in a traffic jam. Sigh... I've been missing from class for da past 2 weeks and I really miss it so much now :(

Having nothing much to do after dinner and since darling wasn't around, I made up my mind to make Redbean PingPei (Snowskin/Chilled) Mooncake. Time flies and I still remember how unsuccessful it turned out to be on my very first attempt which happened to be last year Mid-Autumn Festival. But hey, practice makes perfect and I am over-joyed that I've finally managed to make them yesterday! Perfect....

For da Pastry skin (recipe by Amy Beh), you need:
  • 300g Kou Fun (Commercialised Cooked Glutinous Rice Flour)
  • 450g Icing Sugar
  • 50g Shortening
  • 300ml Cold Water
  • A little Pandan Essence or any desired flavoured Essence
For da Filling, you need:
  • 1.5kg Redbean Paste or any desired flavoured Paste
Actually, there are a few recipes that you can follow, some of da them opt for normal Sugar with Condensed Milk to replace da Icing Sugar while some of da recipes use Cream Well instead of Shortening. So, it's all depends on how you wanna mix around with da Ingredients.

Combine Icing Sugar, Essence, Water and Shortening. Stir well to mix.

Stir in Kou Fun and blend together until a smooth dough is formed. Set aside for 15 minutes and divide da pastry dough into equal portion and each of da dough should weight at 60g.

Weight da Redbean paste into equal portion, each of them should weight at 100g. In addition, I did mix a little bit of Almond Flakes into da paste as well cause I think that it's a little bit plain having only Redbean filling.

Take a piece of dough (60g) roll it flat and wrap up a ball of Redbean paste (100g) with it.

Da wrapped-up dough is ready to be moulded. Knock out da moulded dough lightly to dislodge da PingPei Mooncake.

Tadaaaa.... da Redbean PingPei are all nicely moulded and got to chill them in da refrigerator before serving.

Yummy yummy! My little sista was da first person to have a bite on it and hooray, she gave a thumb up to me! Da next piece went to mom, she loved it and da next thing I know, she asked me to pack 4 pcs for my backdoor neighbour and another 4 pcs for my frontdoor neighbour muahahaha.. Hopefully by da time darling back to KL, they are still available to him ;)

Believe it or not, I've successfully made 12 pcs of Redbean PingPei Mooncake with less than RM 15! Honestly speaking, it's rather cheap to make on our own and it's hassle-free! However, it's quite time consuming though as I spent 3 hours to make them but da outcome was good! Hehehehe.... very satisfied and will try to make more if I have da time :D

Mooncake : Part 1


boo_licious said...

They look really good! Well done.

Meiyen said...

boo, thanks!!! :D