Saturday, September 02, 2006

Revisit to Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant

Guess what? Darling and I are back to Rakuzen again and this time, we make a stop at da one which's located in Hartamas Shopping Mall, recommended by Boo_licious. With lotsa good-looking food at Rakuzen, we just can't resists going back. We went there on Merdeka's eve and da whole Rakuzen was fully occupied eventhough it was already closed to 9pm! As it was a last minute plan, we didn't make any reservation hence darling was asked to leave down his mobile number and we were told that once there's a table for us we will be called. Somehow, we were also adviced to take a walk in da Mall cause it looks like gonna take awhile for us to have a table. I was like....?????? My god, I was already starving! Anyways, we walked out from Rakuzen and found a mini Japanase Supermarket! Hohohoho, I was very excited to see my favourite rice crackers around, also some other snacks and desserts which's fully imported from Japan. Just when I was about to grab da snacks, darling got a call from Rakuzen and looks like I can't buy them anymore :( Was it fortunate or unfortunate I thought cause if I were really to choose and buy them, it gonna take quite some time and obviously, da dinner wouldn't wait for us! Nevermind, I shall be back and grab their snacks very soon! Ekekekekeke...

Back to Rakuzen, we were told that we got to sit at da smoking area. Well, nevermind though. What else can we ask for since it was already so late for dinner and should be really happy that we can sit down and have a good meal. Da first thing I noticed was da set-up of this place whereby da decor at this outlet is very much different from da one at Subang Jaya. We escorted da waiter to da smoking area where we passed through other diners and later we were asked to go into a smaller lane for our table. Whoaaa.... this place is fantastic! We somehow felt that we were sitting inside a big box! A very small dining-table with comfy sofa and I must confess that I love its ambience, very romantic though..

Nice decor and settings :)

Press da button for attention. Fyi, it's a working device cause I did tried on it and a minute later, I was being attended :p

Moi in da dim glow of a lamplight :)

Without much delay, let's order and try da food...

We had da Hama Sashimi. Priced at RM 45, it's actually meant for 2 persons which includes Amaebi, Kanpachi, Salmon, Tako and Ika. Just as how darling and I expected, it was cold and fresh. Very good!

Then, we had da Dragon Roll. Fyi, we waited this for more than 15 minutes and we over heard that many other diners complaint and cancelled their order as they waited way too long! So, if you wanna have this, you got to be patient :) Priced at RM 28, I know that this special maki is very famous at Rakuzen but I am not too sure what's da speciality of it, perhaps it's da Fried King Prawn which rolled with da yummy sticky rice and topped with Avocado? Anyways, darling and I still prefers da Unagi & Avocado Roll which we had during our very first visit at da Subang Jaya outlet and it can be found in da Summer Menu.

Zoom in to da Dragon Roll

Next, we had da Kushiyaki no Moriawase. Priced at RM 32, this assorted skewered grills consists of Chicken, Minced Chicken, Ox Tongue, Scallop, Salmon Belly, Shiitake Mushroom and Japanese Green Chilli. I was quite disappointed with da grills cause almost all of them tasted extremely salty except for da Salmon Belly. However, darling find it okay and he didn't complain anything at all! Weird... must be something wrong with my tastebuds :(

Here comes da final dish of da night for both of us, Udon Suki. Priced at RM 65, this Udon Hot Pot with Assorted Seafood and Vegetables is meant for 2 persons as well. Very generous portion and we were almost unable to finish it.

Pour da soup into da pot...

Once da soup is hot enough, put in da fresh Seafood, Vegetables and wait for them to be cooked :)

Darling then slowly put da Udon into da hot pot...

Darling mentioned that da Oyster was very good and fresh. I didn't have a bite on it, just too risky for me as I am recovering from rashes :)

Not too bad without eating da Oyster cause I had my favourite Mushroom from da hot pot :D

We didn't order any Dessert cause we were both overloaded with food. Overall, da food was quite satisfying and with its romantic atmosphere, it's definitely a good place for lovers. However, I didn't quite like da idea of having a long interval in between serving our dishes. By da time we finished our meal, it was already 11pm+ and there goes my midnite show :( Anyways, we are planning to visit another Rakuzen outlet which is located at Chulan Square somewhere around Bukit Bintang area soon, do watch out for that ;)


boo_licious said...

Yeah, that place is always super packed. We tried to get a table there on Friday nite but decided not to wait as they said half and hour. You shld sit in the non smoking booths - very space ship like with the padded cushions and etc. That small booth is very cozy, they even put a mirror at that corner.

I bought chocs from that Jap shop - it's newly opened. Also has ice creams but the choc one you like seems to be sold out.

Jackson said...

wow.......yr dinner really not cheap!! Rich couple!

Meiyen said...

boo, have u try da chulan square outlet? oh by da way, da Jap shop has lotsa yummylicious snacks! Can't wait to return..:p

Jackson, nononono you got it all wrong.. we are not rich couple just that we spend most of our money on food rather than other stuff :)