Friday, September 08, 2006

TV Cafe @ 1 Utama

A week ago while darling and I were having lunch in Dome @ new wing 1 Utama, I noticed that there's this newly open cafe located just right beside Dome. If it wasn't me that wanted to go to da ladies after lunch, we will never know that there's actually a cafe located right at da end of this new wing corner and I must say that it's located at a quite deserted area where I don't think many people will actually walk pass this place. Anyhow, we did give it a try to this TV Cafe last night and looks like it's another Hong Kong-style eatery that's trying to make waves at 1 Utama.

Hmm... not too good, no diners at all!

Da Cafe is nicely decorated but somehow there were no diners at all except for both of us! Oh boy, I wonder how they manage to survive having no diners eventhough it was supposed to be a busy dinner time.

While looking at da menu, two mistakes have been spotted! Stir-fly French Beans?!!! Sitr-fly Brinjal? Oh my god, I think they should really do something about it. Lol :p

Darling had 'Ying-Yong' Black Jelly Ice. We were told that this's a popular drink and we both find it good too! Priced at RM 5.90, it served in a big glass and we think da price is worthy ;)

As for myself, I had da Black Jelly & Red Bean Ice which's also priced at RM 5.90 per glass. Woooo.... not bad at all, I love it!

We had Prawn Dumpling Soup as appetizer. Priced at RM 5.90, there were 4 pcs of Dumplings and served with Baby Lettuce as well. Not bad, fine and fresh!

As usual whenever we dine in any Hong Kong-style Cafe, my other half will opt for Noodle-less dishes and this time, he had Braised Pork Ribs in Barbecue Sauce with Steamed Rice. Priced at RM 12, darling mentioned that it was good and yummy. Definitely towards his liking ;)

Da usual me will opt for noodle dishes and I was unsure what to order cause da menu has got lotsa varieties. In da end, this Hakka Style Fried 'Tong Fun' was selected. I didn't know that this's a Hakka famous dish eventhough my mom is a Hakka origin. Priced at RM 7.90, it came in a very generous portion with lotsa minced meat in it. Hmmm... absolutely yummy! I loved it ;)

Both of us were very satisfy with da food and honestly speaking, I think they are somehow lack of publicity. Not a strategic location to run a food business at this area though and that's why da cafe was somehow empty eventhough it was supposed to be a busy dinner time when we were there. Hmmm... I really wonder how long more they can survive this way. Anyways, if you are at 1 Utama and thinking to have a meal at a Hong Kong-style eatery but bored with da usual 'Chan Tengs', do give this TV Cafe a try. Not that bad after all :D


Jackson said...

U r so brave!!!! to try on this cafe!!! Actually they closed down once long time ago and re-open back early of this year. I hv a thought of when they goin to close down again. :P

Meiyen said...

jackson, oh u mean they closed down once before?! omg, i didn't even know! anyways, let's not curse them.. frankly speaking, da food there quite okay....can give it a try though but it's not a good location to run a food business there...

wyejon said...

hmmm... ST always asks me to eat there but they seem always so empty. But after reading this maybe they're worth trying after all :P

Meiyen said...

wyejon, looks like u are aware that there's a cafe at da end of this corner yeah.. actually da food at this cafe not too bad ley.. can really try it out unfortunately, it's not located in a strategic location..

cookies_cream said...

I saw this cafe in One Utama but not sure if it's nice. Thanks for the review of this cafe. :) I may try it out one day. I wonder if the Paddington Pancake outlet open already or not. =>

Meiyen said...

hi cookies, thanks for dropping by.. u mean there is a paddington pancake @ 1 utama?