Tuesday, September 26, 2006

What Creature Is that?!

Omg, omg, omg!!!!!! *fainted* What creature is that lying on top of my car?!!!!!! Oh no no, it really freaked me out and it's still there right now! Oh no, I wanna take something from my car urgently and I wonder when this creature will go away :( Will it bite? Will it kill? Argghhh....

Please, please, please go away :(

Zoom in.... Whoaaaaaa.... da tail so long wey *fainted*

Gosh..... it's still there after 30 minutes of waiting!!!! :(


J said...

Call your honey for back up!

Then, get him to shoo it off your car while you stand far, far away.

Meiyen said...

j, i managed to shoo it off by knocking my car ekekekekekeke..... but, i am still wondering what creature was that... hmmm....looks like a big lizard but definitely not a lizard...

J said...

Hmmmm,.. it's definately not the normal house lizard.
(If it is then it is a mutant!)
.. dunno what it is tho.

Oh, btw Meiyen, I've tagged you.

Meiyen said...


you've tagged me? ermm... me first time being tagged wey...:p

MamaBoK said...

Poor gal..!! i too would be like you .. to be honest..! good thing Papa BoK always with me.. so if anything like that happens.. i would go.. " Paaaaaaa... Pa..!!!" ... and then he would come to my rescue.. :)
I think that thing is a chameleon..?? some sorta lizard.. Papa BoK said.

Meiyen said...

mamabok, unfortunately at that time i saw this creature, i was all alone :( anyways, i did managed to shoo off that creature :D hmmm a chameleon? da one that can change colours?