Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Birthday Lunch @ Nippon Tei, KLCC

As mentioned earlier, last Saturday was my birthday and so happened that I wanna do some shopping at Isetan, KLCC hence darling suggested to have lunch at Nippon Tei which is located on da 4th floor of KLCC. As far as I can remember, I'd been to this place many years ago with my ex-colleagues but I seriously couldn't remember how was da food like anymore, memory lost! :p and looks like they've just renovated cause I think it really looks different as compare to last time when I first had a meal at this place.

I quite like da ambience though, cozy and calm.....

We started off with Rainbow Roll Sushi (RM 24) *Gulp* I think it's quite expensive, yes/no? But then again, I find it quite special though as da Sushi were nicely wrapped, so multi-coloured!

Darling opted for da Teppanyaki Saba (Mackerel) Steak (RM 22). Look at da set, such a generous serving!!! Da set came with Salad, Rice, Pickles, Miso Soup and Edamame (SoyBean). Darling said it was good!

I am a Cold Soba lover hence I asked for da Tenzaru Soba Set which's also priced at RM 22. Da noodles were good, cold enough, I just love it so so so soooooooooo much! :D

And of course da set came with mixed Tempuras, absolutely tasty! :D

A pretty good place for Japanese food if you are somewhere in KLCC. Not too expensive, worthy!

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Jackson said...

wowowo......Happy belated birthday to you. yr hubby and all yr relative treat u so nice hor.... diamond.... even if my gf birthday, i dun even hv $$ to buy her that.hahha...u r so lucky!

Meiyen said...

jackson, thanks! yes you are right, i guess i am really lucky to have them around me.. as i always say, there will be nothing that can replace them in my life.. without them, i am nobody today :)