Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Buka Puasa Feast @ Al-Marjan, KLCC

Yippee, I finally managed to indulge myself with 'Buka Puasa' delights at Al-Marjan. Located on da highest floor at KLCC, Al-Marjan offers Persian and also Lebanese Cuisine which is definitely something new to me as I hardly allow myself to go for this kind of food. Anyways, darling and I went for da Ramadan Al-Mubarak Buffet which's priced at RM 45++ per pax and I think that it's definitely worth da money. Without going any further, let's check out da Buffet Spree we had!

Da Salad & Appetizer Bar

All kinds of Dips and Dressings

Roast Lamb


Lamb Kebab

Nasi Briyani

Chicken Kebab


Assorted Fruits

Arabian Coffee


Cookies & Cake


Creme Brulee

Free-flow of Drinks and we had Orange and Lemonade ;)

Salad with yummylicious dressing, love it!

Da soup, quite special though! Very creamy and tasted like a salty 'Bubur Cha-cha' :p

I absolutely love this Grape Leaf Rice. It has a very nice fragant and da rice actually tasted sour.

Da creamy Chicken with Button Mushroom and Carrot was good too, tasted like Carbonara sauce though ;)

Yummy, they also had Fish & Chips!

Da Lamb Meatball was awesome, good!

Mixture of Spinach, Pita Bread, Nasi Briyani and Chicken Kebab. To eat da Kebab with da Pita Bread was darn good! So so so yummy!!

Both of us definitely love this Spinach with Plum. It tasted a little bit tangy and sour, very special indeed :)

Am not too sure what 'Kuih' is this but it tasted quite nice and it's wrapped inside a Banana leaf ;)

I wonder if this is 'Kuih Koci' cause it tasted quite plain though...

Anyone has an idea what 'Kuih' is this? It tasted really good and I fell in love with it! Tasted a little bit spicy and crunchy, I suspect those are shredded coconut. Yum yum...

Boy oh boy, this was heavenly good! Well, it was my first time trying this 'Kuih' and my other half can't help but to laugh out loud when I repeatedly told him that I love this 'Kuih' so so so much!

Again, not too sure what 'Kuih' is this but tasted like a 'Kuih Talam' and I don't really like it cause it was quite hard to swallow and quite dry...

Creme Brulee was good! Very smooth, soft and tasty!!

Cookies were good especially da Sesame Cookie and da Almond Cookie..

A lightly spiced Arabian Coffee to end our buffet spread. Burrrpppp...

No kidding, we quite like da food at this place. Da Kebabs were absolutely good and if you are somewhere around KLCC and hunting for a Persian Cuisine, you should make a stop at this eatery ;)


boo_licious said...

ooooh, thxs for this. I have been dying to go try this place for the longest time as bf raves abt it. He sometimes eats this for lunch and he says it is yummy stuff. Hopefully I have time soon to try it out.

cookies_cream said...

It's been a long time since I last eaten nasi briyani...The Arabian coffee looked interesting. :) It's quite surprise to see them serve some western items there.

Meiyen said...

boo, go try it... i think it's worthy even though i've never been to any buka puasa buffet spread before as i think some of da major hotels in town charge as high as rm 90++ per pax!

cookies, i hardly eat rice and i found da nasi briyani at this place quite good though.. oh yes, surprisingly they serves fish & chips yeah..... ekekeke...

Jackson said...

arrr.......meiyen, how come u eat a lot but u are still in good shape? It's not fair!!! Hahaha....just kidding. Thx for blogging bout this place..at least now i hv a reason to hop in to this restaurant

Meiyen said...

jackson, you must be kidding.. honestly speaking, i've put on alot as compare to last time... go and try, let me know if you like da food at this place yeah..;)

Zalan Zalfrecko said...

meiyen, do we have to book for seats in advance, or can we just go walk-in like that?

Meiyen said...

zalan, ermm.....to avoid disappointment, maybe u should make reservation in advance but i on that day that i went, i juz walked in and there were seats available though...maybe because it was quite late...at 8pm ;)

Zalan Zalfrecko said...

You know what, you were so right, the food was marvellous! Definitely worth every cent! I like the eggplant dippings for the kebab bread, yummylicious! I must thank you for putting up this review here, I really had a great buka puasa. Happy DeepaRaya!

Meiyen said...

zalan, i am happy to know that you like da food at this place and thanks for reading my blog :D