Friday, October 20, 2006

Chatterbox @ 1 Utama

Supposedly, we wanted to tour around SS2 for dinner but unfortunately, it was raining heavily yesterday night hence we ended up in 1 Utama and this time around, we had a simple meal at Chatterbox. A pretty good location I must say as this eatery is located in da Rainforest side where you can actually sit outside and enjoy da green green trees scenery ;) My other half told me that Chatterbox seems to be not doing so well these days right after da appearance of Kluang Station. Hmmm.. as what I saw yesterday, I think that he was right because Kluang Station was fully packed with diners while Chatterbox looked quite empty. Perhaps it could be because Kluang Station is Halal certified while Chatterbox isn't.

Drinks that we had: Tea in HK Style & Cincau (RM 5.50) for Darling and Coffee Mixed with Tea in HK Style & Red Bean (RM 5.50) for Me. Yummy!

I browsed through their new menu and ordered this Braised Vermicelli with Brinjal and Salted Fish (RM 9.50). I was quite disappointed by da fact that it looked so different as shown in da menu and I think it's quite costly though. I just managed to taste a tiny piece of Salted Fish once and that was it! Honestly speaking, da Braised Vermicelli can be easily found in any hawker food stalls with da same taste or even taste much better for a lower price. I think it was a mistake to order this, definitely not worthy!

Darling had da Cheese Baked Rice with Pork Chop in Italian Sauce (RM 13.90)

Whoaaa, look! So cheesy...... it was really good but quite small in portion as compare with other HK eateries.

My point of view, drinks were good but da food, quite expensive though!

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Marshmellow said...

Cool blog. I was browsing for good dining guide and i found your blog. I've added it to my bookmark.

Your guide is quite detailed and i love the idea of stating the price. I'll follow your guide when i dine with my friends in future.

Keep it up and dont let it stop.
BTW, you must be rich to dine in all those places. And your boyfren looks like my ex-collegemate from KDU. Is he from there?

Meiyen said...

hi marshmellow, thanks for dropping by and thanks for reading my blog! Glad to know that you like it and yes you are right, i think my bf is your ex-collegemate ;)omg, this world is so small yeah...