Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Crocs Shoes; Love At First Sight!

Boy oh boy, it was definitely love at first sight when darling and I first saw da latest models of Crocs Shoes at Isetan. Without thinking any further, we tried on it, look to da right, look to da left, up and down, whoaaaa..... looks so cool and nice! Love it and bought them home :D

Darling bought da Islander Model (RM 209) and it looks pretty nice on him! This Italian styling model is darn cool and it's ergonomic certified which mean, it do not cause any harm to human health. Gosh, is that mean shoes from other brands are harmful to humans? O_o

Woooo..... look, isn't it pretty? :D Oh yes, I am da owner of this Prima Model (RM 119). This gold in colour ballet/pump-inspired is so comfortable and slim fitting. Oh, it's real cool cause this sweet looking pair of shoes has an anti-microbial function and it's odor resistant! It's a free of disease shoes, ekekekekekeke.... :p

Wondering Why Crocs?
  1. They are super comfortable!
  2. Weighing only 6 Ounces!
  3. Vented, keeping feet cool!
  4. Bacteria & Odor resistant! (I better check out if da rest of my shoes cause diseases, lol...)
  5. Can be sterilized
  6. Easy to clean, just wipe da dirt
  7. Hip Italian Styling, Trendy & Fashionable
I guess that's good enough reasons to buy them, would you? :p


fooDcrazEE said...

looks too expensive for rubber like shoe - lolz

Meiyen said...

foodcrazee, it may be quite expensive for a rubber like shoes but seriously, they are really comfy and i've seen some old mens and womens wearing it too O_o

J said...

A bit expensive lah.
But I guess the most important thing is that it's comfortable..
(I've had too many pairs of shoes rip chunks of skin off my heel/ create blisters/ etc)

Meiyen said...

hey j, you are back!! :D oh yes, it's a little bit expensive so i shall see how long it can last and hopefully it won't tear so easily yeah...;)

LayfuN said...

i was wondering how come i never see this crocs shoes at malaysia, as it is very very popular here in singapore.. the normal/ basic design of this crocs shoes cost S$49.90 per pair.. and of coz.. the one that u bought definately cost more.. well.. i muz say.. NICE SHOES u got... >.^

Meiyen said...

layfun, i think it's still consider quite new in m'sia eventhough it has been in da market for quite some time cause i always think that sg always ahead of us in terms of fashion and style :p hmmm i think buying it at sg is much more cheaper wey....

Roscom said...

i consider to sell crocs on
could you recommend on one design ?

Meiyen said...

roscom, wow....all of them are so nice!!!! you may want to sell all of them? ;)

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