Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Hearty Breakfast On A Sunday Morning

It was such a bright and sunny Sunday that woke us up as early as 9am. Such a good day I thought :) Since darling and I managed to wake up so early, we decided to go for breakfast instead of brunch. Fyi, we love Breakfast set especially on a Sunday morning and we usually have it at Dome, 1 Utama. Apparently, our initial plan was to have breaky at La Bodega, Bangsar but in da end, I changed my mind cause I need to go down town and I assumed that I wouldn't have enough time to shop if I were to make a stop at Bangsar as I need to be back to fetch my sis to Michael Wong's Concert. Therefore, darling suggested to have our breaky at Dome, Lot 10 instead and that was da very first time we tried out their breakfast set at this outlet.

Jolly-molly mood on a Sunday morning. How I wish everyday is a Sunday.... :p

I would usually have Cafe Latte to accompany my breakfast set but just don't know why that I wanted Mocha instead and it was real good! Just good enough to kick start my Sunday :D

Darling ordered his usual Big Breakfast Set and we both think that da one we had at Dome, 1 Utama was so much better. Only 1/4 Tomato was served instead of 1/2 while da Chipolatas were slightly burn! Hmmmm.....

As for myself, I had Chicken Ham & Eggs On Toast. Da Poached Eggs were good and I absolutely love it! Yummmmmmmmm.......

Yippee, had a hearty breakfast and time to shop! ;)


J said...

I love big breakfasts like that.

So few mushrooms though....
(I hate that they're so expensive in Malaysia.... If in Australia, they will usually give more bcos it is quite a common/ cheap thing there)

Meiyen said...

j, oh really? it's cheap in australia? i didn't know that though..

J said...

Well,... it's relatively a lot cheaper than here (especially if you are working there).

Here it's >RM6 bucks for a small packets of fresh button mushrooms at the supermarket but I remember I used to be able to buy much more with just AUD$3.

(Haha - but this was "back in my studying days" lah.... many years ago)