Monday, October 30, 2006

K3K Kopitiam @ Damansara Perdana

K3K Kopitiam

Last Saturday, we were touring around Damansara Perdana for lunch and looks like there are many eateries found here. Too many choices till we were not so sure which one to go for! It was kinda hectic cause we've yet to pay a visit to any of the Cafes and Restaurants at this area. After a few minutes of rounding, we finally decided to make a stop at this K3K Kopitiam. Looking at da menu, I suspect that this Kopitiam maybe orginally from Benta, Kuala Lipis, Pahang and da atmosphere of this place, nevertheless very much resemble those days back in 50's or maybe in da 60's.

I love da ambience of K3K Kopitiam. This place is spacious and da ambience is very good. Quiet, calm and peaceful!

Beautifully decorated with Chinese Antiques and Furniture. Anyways, this picture is spoilt by someone's red in color hand bag :(

Wow.. I must say that they are really creative! Look at this picture, those are actually broken pieces of plates and bowls, all placed into da floor!

For drinks, darling had Ice Cincau (RM 2.20) and I think it was rather special cause tasted was da Brown Sugar in this drink and not normal sugar syrup! I had Barley Lemon (RM 2.50) without sugar and I must give thumb up for this! It was very good just like da way my mom boiled it and lotsa Barley were given! I think it's da best Barley Lemon I've ever tried!

Food wise, I had da Homestyle Hakka Noodle. Priced at RM 6.80, definitely a big and a generous portion! It came with Chicken Minced Meat, "Bok Choy"(member of da Cabbage family), Prawns and Black Fungus topped with lotsa Spring Onions. No complain at all, it was very good and very flavourful!

Tips: Da Hakka Noodle is best eaten with this Chillie Sauce, yum yum!!!

Darling had da K3K Special Noodle which's also priced at RM 6.80. Oh well, da moment I tried on it, straight away I told my other half, "Whoaaa.... so special taste!". No wonder it's named as Special Noodle ;) Now, this's actually a combination of Spagetthi with some Chinese Sweet and Spicy Chillie Sauce which accompany with Trio Peppers, Carrots, Onions, Cuttlefish, Prawns and "Bok Choy". Errrm... but in da menu it was stated as Spinach, how come we were given "Bok Choy"? Hmm... we didn't ask da staff what happened to da Spinach but I suspect that they must be out of orders. Anyways, no big deal cause this Special Noodle was yummy so once again, no complain ;)

Next, we had da Soft Bun Toast which served with Kaya and Butter. Apparently, we wanted to have da normal Bread Toast but disappointedly, all finished! RM 1.80 per pc and look at da pictures, we didn't have one pc okay, there were 2 pcs! :p Da toast were pretty good, loved it!

Also ordered was da Half Boiled 'Omega 3' Eggs. For da price of RM 1.80, you will be given 2 Half Boiled Eggs and if you prefers to have 'Kampung Eggs', you have to pay RM 2.40 instead of RM 1.80 ;) Very good, perfectly done, exactly da right way as how we want da Half Boiled Eggs to be and to dip da Toast into it........ heavenly good!

Overall, decent price for great and good food! Whoaaa.... believe it or not, da bill came at RM 20++ only!!!! So much of yummylicious food for that price? Definitely worthy and we highly recommend this place! ;)


jessiewoo said...

=.= Woman how am i goin to slim down leh ... with ur this saliva dripping pictures ... gosh ... HELP ME .............

kekekeke feeling guilty already :P

Edmund said...

Hi & Wow! I just happened to stumble on your site and it is great. I love the way you cover the food from different restaurants.
Makes me wanna make a return trip soon. Good stuff!

Meiyen said...

jessie, no need to slim down wey.. u look just as great as before ;) always!

hi edmund, thanks for dropping by and hope that my food reviews will enable you to find more good food around ;)