Monday, October 02, 2006

Michael Wong's Concert @ Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil

As mentioned earlier in my Tickets To Michael's Wong (Guang Liang) Concert post, yesterday was da day and I must said that it was awesome! By far, da best I've ever seen live! But, I must admit that it was my first live concert hence I actually have nothing to compare to :p Anyways, darling has attended numerous concert and he said that Michael did performed very well! Thumbs up for Michael and he's such a down-to-earth person! He takes time to talk to da crowd and you can really feel his gratitude when he says, "Thank You". I was so touched when thousands of adoring fans showed unlimited support to him by singing along with him and even cried with him too! Da covered songs he did were really good, which all of them were his own compositions. One word, fantastic! By da way, not many photos were taken as we were not supposed to bring in any Cameras but, I did managed to sneak out my camera and captured a few of them though and of course, it was ilegal to do that :p

Happening night at Putra Indoor Stadium

Getting very crowded at 745pm

Beautiful ligthtings

Moi and Darling with Michael's banner at da back :)

Moi and Darling with 'Peace' sign ;)

Moi and Little Sista :)

Da crowd at 8pm inside da Concert hall

Guang Liang finally appeared after 30 minutes of waiting and da crowd went crazy screaming and whistling here and there :D

It was such a beauuuuuuuuuutiiiiiiifullllllllllll moment

Sorry for da not-so-good quality pictures as I was in fear. Oh boy, it was such a high risk to do this cause my camera would be consificated if da security spotted me taking photos but I just couldn't resist to take and take.. :p

Magical moment

Guang Liang was singing my favourite song, "Tong Hua" (Fairy Tale)

Oh boy, look how baby face he has at da age of 42 36! Amazing...

Everyone sings along with him :D

Emotional moment as it was da last song of da night :(

Da crowd went crazy, asked for encho and he appeared again!!!!!!

Believe me, it was absolutely beautiful and he ended da show by singing his upcoming new song, I Am Who I am which hasn't release to da market yet!!! :D

I was somehow sad to leave da Concert, really sad :( but we did enjoyed it very much! Michael rocks! ;)


LayfuN said...

moi.. how i wish i can go too for this concert.. u know that im a fan of guangliang since our secondary 2... since his very 1st album with ping guan...

and btw.. i think he is only 36 ler this year.. where got 42 so old.. haha.. i still remember his birthday is on 30th August 1970... correct me if im wrong at this point.. haha~~

and u r good.. how did u manage to hide the camera from the security? i remember that time i went for Jacky Cheung's concert at Bukit Jalil's outdoor stadium.. me n my cousin sisters was there to beg the security guy for us to bring in the camera ler.. so funny.. but we dun manage to capture any photo at that time as we was sitting too far away, eventhough we bought for the RM150 tickets.. and it was raining too that nite.. but attending to a concert is really a good experience and very enjoyable.. agree? haha~~


Meiyen said...

layfun, really? u mean he's only 36 huh? oh boy, i didn't know :p neways, not easy to take pictures inside as da security was very tight! somehow, we managed to do that by sneaking our camera in..:p they did checked our bag but didn't really look through inside :p then again, i did brought some junks inside and i was told to eat all of them before going in :I cheh, didn't manage to bring in da junks and got to place it back into da car though... towards da end of da concert, what i did was i walked.. ermmm i think i didn't walk but i run near to da stage and capture as many pictures as i can but all turned out to be quite blur cause my hand was shaking and da next thing, i was told to get back to my seat :p hahahahaha... i was daring huh... bob was speechless! :p

oh by da way, it's really nice to attend a concert especially listening to songs that i love! guang liang's concert was definitely awesome and good! he rocks ;)

LayfuN said...

Yeah!! Micheal Rocks!! GuangLiang Rocks!!! >.^