Saturday, October 07, 2006

Mid-Autumn Festival 2006

Yesterday was da 15th day of eight lunar month, time for us to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival. Before we actually come together to enjoy mooncakes, chinese tea and appreciate da moon at its fullest, we had a reunion dinner at home and I truly enjoy da laughter and time that we spent together. As I always say, having a good and happy family is very important and that my family is a precious to me :D

For Prayers.....

"Yuen Pei Kau"


For Dinner.....

Mom cooked my favourite ABC Soup, yum yum!

Also my favourite, Stir-fried Broccolis with Cauliflowers and Carrots :D

Half a Steamed Chicken and Half a Grilled Chicken, absolutely good!

Home-made Ginger Sauce, Soy Sauce and Chilly Sauce to dip with da Chicken

After dinner, we were supposed to enjoy da wind and moon together but unfortunately, there was no moon due to da foggy and hazy weather. I hate it!!!!! :( Anyways, despite this, we still managed to indulged ourselves with yummy mooncakes and enjoy ourselves by playing candles and lanterns. Ooopppss, sounds like I am still a kid! :p

Beautiful Lanterns everywhere back at home :D

Candle lights shine brightly throughout da night :D

Moi and Darling :)

Little Sista and Moi :D

Some of da Mooncakes that we had yesterday.....

"Teow Cheow" Red Bean Mooncake, a gift from my aunty ;)

Starbucks Green Tea Mooncake embedded with Chocolate Paste

Mini Pandan Paste Green Tea Mooncake from Purple Cane

Raspberry Cheese Mooncake from Hotel Equatorial

I definitely had a great night and Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to everyone!

Mooncake: Part 1
Mooncake: Part 2
Mooncake: Part 3
Mooncake: Part 4
Mooncake: Part 5


LayfuN said...

Happy happy mid autumn festival~~~!!! >.^

MamaBoK said...

So envy..! glad you had a great time..!

Primrose said...

But the moon's found and full tonight. Go take a peek now, quick! I think you'll still see it tomorrow...

Primrose said...

I did mah meme already ;)

evan said...

wow meiyen, what a spread u had!! i esp like the starbucks mooncake. looks nice! and your sis looks like u, both very pretty and sweet :)

Meiyen said...

layfun, same to you! hope you had a great celebration at sg!

mamabok, thanks! how was da celebration at your side?

primrose, da moon was round and bright on sat night but looks like da haze is getting worst now :( oh by da way, thanks for da meme!

evan, oh yes.. da starbucks one was good! oh..... my sis looks like me yeah? but but...i am very much older than her :(

tankiasu said...

Just discovered your blog here. Nice reading... ;-)

Meiyen said...

tankiasu, thanks for dropping by! ;)

MamaBoK said...

Hey.. MeiYen,
We didn't have any celebration.. because the chinese community is none here.. i'm the only chinese from asia i know.. :(
I can't even buy those paper lanterns for Chloe to play with.. because there is none. :(

Meiyen said...

mamabok, nvm that you didn't have any celebration... you can always come back to kl to celebrate! :D