Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Moi Birthday Dinner By Candlelight @ Villa Danieli, Sheraton Imperial Hotel KL

Darling treated me a wonderful Candlelight Dinner on my birthday at Villa Danieli, Sheraton Imperial last Saturday and I must say that it was awesome! Cosy and soooooooooo romantic ;)

Villa Danieli is located by da pool side of Sheraton Imperial Hotel

A great view from da pool side as you can see, right on top is da KL Tower :)

Once seated, I fell in love with da interior design of this place. When I looked up, I was pretty amazed with da drawings on top as I think it actually resemble da environment of this restaurant, da diners and da staffs..... absolutely beautiful!

Moi and Darling before our dinner was served :D

Good Red Wine we had! Smell good, taste good, so smooth and satisfying! Loved it! :D

Complimentary Italian Breads and Breadsticks. Not bad, nice and crusty. I quite like da Sourdough Bread though as it was really yummy with Olive Oil dip :)

One of our favourite ways into a meal is with a sensous soup and as so, we kicked start with Minestrone Di Verdura (Seasonal Vegetables Soup). Priced at RM 28 per bowl, it looks really normal and rather plain, nothing special but when I have a sip of da Soup, whoaaaa..... slurpy!

For mains, we had da Branzino Cotto Al Sale Con Verdure Grigliate..... phew, what a long Italian name!!!!! Now, it's mentioned that this is a signature dish and was highly recommended by one of da staff. Supposedly this Baked Seabass Fillet in sea salt crust served with grilled seasonal vegetables is meant for 2 persons and in da menu, it was stated as RM 68 per portion. As so, we decided to order this and a few minutes later after da staff taken our order, she returned and informed us that we will be given one whole fish and asked us if it would be fine to take da whole fish which's priced at RM 140. I was like ?????? RM 140????? Before I say yes or no, darling said, "Okay, no problem!" Oh dear, I think it wasn't fine because in da menu it's stated as RM 68 per portion and that's for 2 persons!!!! I was really confused. If I've known earlier, I would have order another main course rather than to pay RM 140 for da same thing :( Anyways despite that, I must say that da Baked Seabass was really good!!!!! This White Fish has a firm texture and it was absolutely fresh! Really good, we loved it! In addition, they served us Zucchini as well! Truly happy with that because we found out that not many eateries include Zucchini in their seasonal vegetables and most of da time, they replaced it with other vegetables.

Looking at this picture, one should be able to know that it's time for Dessert!!!! Ekekekeke.. see how happy I am with this full plate of delicious Dessert ;)

We had this Varieties of Italian Dessert (RM 50) which's not in da menu as it was recommended by da Staff and she really did managed to convince us that this's da best! ;)

This Chocolate Mousse Cake definitely has my vote! It was so so sooooooooooo yummy! Da moment I bite on it, I could feel da rich and warm texture of da Chocolate ganache inside this delicious Mousse Cake and up till today, I still drool all over it :p

Da Creme Brulee wasn't bad either. Fantastic, it was smooth and it was just at da right room temperature.

Here's da most heavenly Italian Dessert, Tiramisu! It was absolutely yummy, finger licking good!

A pretty classic Raspberry Sorbet, tangy and tasty!

Before I could even finish da Dessert, out of sudden.....

Two Musicians came out of nowhere and sing, "Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To You!" and they continued with Italian Birthday Song which I couldn't understand at all but da Birthday tune was there. And at da same time before I could speak anything, errrghhh I think I was rather speechless, shocked and surprised actually..... da Staff that served us throughout da night brought me.....

O_o a mini Birthday Cheese Cake!!!!!!!! Oh my god, I felt like I was in dreamland because everyone in da restaurant, including da other diners and cooks in da open kitchen stopped whatever they were doing, sing along, clapped hand and join in da celebration. I was really touched... it was such a big big big big biggggggg surprise arranged by my other half!

I was then asked to make a wish and there after, blow da candle out. I was still speechless and not knowing what to say, uncontroably I shed my tears. I was really touched, really really touched. Thank you so much, my darling. I am seriously out of words what to say but if you are reading this, I am telling you that I love you very much and I really do appreciate all the things you've done for me ever since we've been together. You've never failed to amaze me :) *Muaks*

Pssttt... I've yet to celebrate my birthday with my family cause my lunar birthday has yet to arrive. Looks like another 2 weeks to go and there will be another birthday celebration for me :p :D

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LayfuN said...

well.. guess what.. it even make my tears shed ler..

by reading this, i can understand how u feel.. and it is absolutely SUPA DUPA touching..

and im happy for you.. for everything you get on your birthday.. and i do really mean it -> all the best to you, my dear fren...

sincerely from:

MamaBoK said...

Wow..!! yer really blessed..!! treasure your relationship..!

Meiyen said...

layfun, thank you so much! 3 years ago when i celebrated my 1st birthday with him, i told him that i'd da best birthday celebration ever. then, another year has gone and once again i told him i'd another best birthday celebration ever. this year, again, i told him i'd da best birthday celebration ever... what else can i tell him i wonder... anyways, i thank god that i've him by my side cause every little things he has done for me really touched my heart.. honestly speaking, he has been very patient with me.. you know sometimes when things go out of my way or expectation, i will start to put a fight unreasonably with him but he has never complain anything before but in return, he sacrifice even more just to please me.... i could ask for nothing more :)

Meiyen said...

mamabok, yeah... i do appreciate this relationship very much cause he's a precious to me :) without him, i would have been a spoilt-brat by now cause he really taught me a lot in life.... i thank god for this precious gift, that's to have him in my life :)

J said...

Well, sounds like you are having a great birthday so far.

(Hope your wish comes true!)

(Oh, and thanks for the link... *hugs*)

Primrose said...

Happy birthday babe!! Guys are always more patient than girls. You should see me when my temper flies. Hehe! I love Villa Danieli as well, for their Italian cuisine. Psst psst! So what darling gave you apart from dinner? *winks*

Primrose said...

Oh, ok ok... I saw all the pressies dy. Nice necklace. Wow! I so jealous. My burpday also no pressies. *sobs* Hei, where to get Agatha hair clips? Are they like Evita Peroni?

Meiyen said...

j, birthday ever! thanks for da wishes ;)

primrose, thank you! oh.. i bought da agatha hair clips inside Isetan KLCC (womens' accessories) somewhere near da escalator. oh i think it's much better than evita peroni cause they provides 1 year warranty!!! ;) u go check them out cause i think u will definitely love those hair clips and bands... plus they are not too expensive oso.. ;)

Primrose said...

Me going to check them out this evening jugak! :D Me going there to check out croc shoes I read in your blog too!! *winks*

Meiyen said...

primrose, hahahaha...go go go and buy it home..:p

Honey Star said...

oh wow, a huge plate of desserts!!! thats really heavenly...... slurp

Meiyen said...

honey star, oh yes... da dessert was heavenly good!!!!!!!!!! i am still dreaming to have it right now...:p