Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Moi Birthday Pressies

I really do feel lucky, I got loads of Birthday Pressies from family and friends this year, thank you soooooo much! I seriously didn't expect that you guys will remember my birthday and those good well wishes really touched my heart. Once again, thank you soooooooo much!!!! *muaks*

An elegant Diamond Ring from my beloved Daddy & Mommy

Ooooopssssss, I coudn't find da photo of da lovely Wallet that my Little Sista gave me. I shall post up da photo once I manage to locate it ;) A gift from my Little Sista, a very beautiful Wallet and da best is there are lotsa compartments in it, goodie!

Then again, it reminds me of another present that darling's mom gave me 2 weeks before my birthday. I shall post it up tomorrow..... A lovely Handbag from darling's mommy. Not only that she gave me a Handbag but at da same time she.....

She knitted a Blouse for me!!!!!! I am really touched... really really touched! Thank you so much, aunty!

A very lovely birthday card from my other half, I think da little bear looks just exactly like me :D

A boquet of beautiful Roses from Darling :D

They are really pretty, I love it!!!! :D

Moi and Darling with da beautiful Roses :D

Another shot with flash :D

Da most precious gift of all, a Heart Shape Diamond with 5-stone Diamond Pendant from Darling. It's really really reallyyyyyyyyy lovely and I wonder how much it costed him....

Birthday Card from my best friend (Yee Tyng), I received it exactly on my birthday!

Birthday Card from my good friend (Lay Fun), all da way from Singapore!

Another Birthday Card sent by my close friend (Yee Ling) , all da way from New Zealand!

I bought something for myself too..... :p

Let's make a guess what is it.....

Ekekekekeke... it's an elegant White in colour Scottie Scotty Dog Agatha Crystal Hair Clip!

I love Agatha, I just can't resist it! :D

Also not to forget all da 'angpows' from my aunty and cousins, thanks alot! I would also like to express my gratitude to Chin Yee, Tiffany, Mei Li, Ivy, Oliver and Kavien for sending me sweet sms wishes. Thank you sooooooooooo much and I really do appreciate it!


MamaBoK said...

Wow..! so many pressies..!! so lucky ..! very happy for you..!!

Meiyen said...

mamabok, you are right, other than being lucky, i really don't know what to say but i know that, i can't live without them cause they play a very important role in my life :)

J said...

So many presents.......
Some more the diamonds so big!

You lucky girl!