Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Mooncake : Part 5 (Haagen Dazs Ice Cream Mooncake)

I remember that there was a day I told my other half that this year we have yet to try Ice Cream Mooncakes and over da next day, darling surprised me with 2 pcs of Classic Haagen Dazs Ice Cream Mooncakes and I am loving it! *grin*

Haagen Dazs offers two types of Ice Cream Mooncakes, one Classic and da other one is Petite. Obviously da Petite one is da mini type while da Classic one is da normal type.

Da one that darling bought was da Macademia Nuts type where da outer layer is all coated with Belgium Chocolate and embedded with Mango Sorbet in da middle as Yolks. Oh dear, absolutely yummy!

Another one that he bought was da Adzuki Bean (Japanese Red Beans) which labelled as a limited edition item! Like da Macademia Nuts, da outer layer is all well coated with Belgium Chocolate and embedded with...?? I think it was Green Tea flavour. Anyone happens to know what flavour is that, please do let me know :)

Boy oh boy, I am getting really heavier but but.. I just couldn't resist da temptation out of it cause it's so so so yummy! Anyways, I must say that it's quite tough to slice it as it's coated with Chocolates and it intends to crack. Oh yeah, they are pretty costly though, RM 33 each for da Classic one and two of them adds up to RM 66! Worth it, yes? no? You judge it :)

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Primrose said...

Hmm, call me old fashioned but I have always liked my mooncakes traditionally lotus seed paste with yolk. No yolk, no eat. No lin yong, no eat. Kekeke! Eh, I haven't done the meme. Will do soon. *promise*

Meiyen said...

primrose, definitely not old fashioned at all.. i muz agree with u that da best is still da traditional classic mooncake but nowadays it has got so commercialised though with fruity paste mooncake ekekeke..:p oh by da way, take your time on da meme yeah..;)

babe_kl said...

goodness so expensive! haha lucky got such a great darling :D

Meiyen said...

babe, yeah.. it's so so so so so expensive... seriously, i don't think that it's worthy cause for da price of RM 66, i can buy one mini ice cream cake ady....

J said...


(OMG - So expensive!)

boo_licious said...

It looks delish. Anything with Haagen Daz ice cream is my fav.

Meiyen said...

j, yes supa dupa expensive :I

boo, it's yummy but really expensive though..