Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Planet Hollywood @ KL Plaza

A couple of days ago, we had dinner in Planet Hollywood which's located at KL Plaza, Jalan Bukit Bintang, KL. No doubt, this nightspot is very much recognised globally which is owned by some of da movie stars around da world. As seen inside, there are many movie props adorn da walls and few LCD TV screens around where diners can watch highligts of movies or maybe some live events like Sport Telecasts. Surprisingly, I don't see myself liking da atmosphere of this place due to da cigarettes and liquor smells all around. Strange, just very strange cause I was once a party gal and so used to do da party/clubbing thing alot many years back before I committed myself to my other half and as for now, I am complaining of da cigarettes and liquor smells??? O_o I think I am really aging!!! :(

We started off with da Hollywood Sampler. Priced at RM 33 per plate, it's actually a combination of Buffalo Wings, Texas Tostados, Chicken Crunch and Potato Skins which served with dressings like Bleu Cheese, Sour Cream & Chives and Creole Mustard Sauce. Hmmm... honestly speaking, it's best to order this Hollywood Sampler when you have more than 3 persons cause darling and I actually had a hard time to swallow everything! Da Buffalo Wings were good, very crispy and tasty. As for da rest, not really towards my liking except for da Chicken Crunch. My point of view, Chili's Triple Play still da best!

Besides da Hollywood Sampler, we also ordered da Hawaiian Pizza. Priced at RM 22 and with a star rating stated in da menu, we thought it was a good choice to order this but...... it turned out to be da worst Pizza I've ever had!!!!! Oh my god, da Pizza was somehow tasteless, flavourless, and I thought there should be Pineapple cubes in it? Darling kept sprinkle da cheese, chillies flakes, salt and herbs on da Pizza to have a better taste! Well, that's not bad enough. Da crust was so hard that I'd problem chewing it and right after that I got to suffer with jaw pain :(

In summary, no doubt, huge serving! We were fully loaded with da above food we had and trust me, there were no more space for Dessert at all. However, da food..... not good and not tasty at all! Bad, bad, bad! I guess da place is more suitable for you to be with your friends and for a drink.


J said...

Poor thing!
Sounds like the eating the pizza was more like an exercising instead.

edmund said...

Always a good choice to get the sampler and I guess the portions has to be up to the US standard. PH is not doing too well over here in the states and I guess that competition is great with so many other new restaurants.

Meiyen said...

j, it's actually worst than exercising! my jaw was in pain throughout da nite :(

edmund, oh yes da sampler is darn huge and i think it's meant for few persons and not only 2 persons :p oh, i didn't know that PH is not doing good in da states.. which part of states?

babe_kl said...

actually PH oredi chapter 11 case. only a few countries still having PH which is owned by locals. PH is owned by same mgmt of hard rock cafe KL. btw i think u ordered the wrong stuff cos i find other items on the menu pretty good.

i would still prefer hard rock though amongst chilli, tgif etc etc. their food rocks

Meiyen said...

babe, what do you mean by chapter 11 case? Oooo.. i didn't know that PH is owned by locals. Oh, i got to agree with you that food at Hard Rock rocks and i especially like their signature Dessert. Can't really remember what was that already cause da last time i went Hard Rock for dinner was 1.5 years ago..