Monday, October 09, 2006

Royal China Restaurant @ Jalan Ampang

As mentioned in my previous post, yesterday was my parents' wedding anniversary and we had a celebration at Royal China Restaurant. Da celebration was great and wonderful. We definitely had lotsa of fun along with my aunty and my cousins. Absolutely a joyful night ;)

Before da Dinner, we had a cam-whoring session.....

Not bad, KLCC view from our VIP Room @ Royal China Restaurant

One Happy Family celebrating Dad & Mom 27th Wedding Anniversary :D

Happy Family with Moi Darling

My beloved Family with Aunty, Cousin Sista and her beloved Hubby :)

Da Best of Sistas @ Royal China Restaurant

Moi and Darling

Oh yes, celebration time! Dad opened a bottle of Champagne :)

Enough of cam-whoring session, time for food!

27th Anniversary Toast to Dad & Mom

We started off with Braised Shark's Fin Soup with Crab Meat & Superior Stock. Priced at RM 30++ per bowl, per person, it was absolutely yummy and very filling!

2nd dish of da night, Bbq Suckling Piglet. Definitely not cheap, RM 130++ per piglet! Delicious ;)

Next, we had Braised White Mushrooms with Twin Vegetable Treasures (RM 50++). Da Broccolis were absolutely yummy! Loved it ;)

Here comes my favourite!!! Steamed Pomfret with Special Bean Sauce (RM 130++). Fish was not too good, da texture of this Fish wasn't firm and it was served cold!

5th dish of da night was da Special Braised Beancurds. Believe it or not, RM 5++ per piece, per pax! Wonder what's so special?

Whoaaa.... I think definitely not easy to make this. There were Seafood and Minced Meat in it! I wonder how they actually stuffed those meat inside a soft and smooth beancurd, amazing!

Yippee, another one of my favourites! Pan-Fried Crystal Prawns with Dark Sauce (RM 80++) Yum yum yum!!!

Last dish before Dessert, Stewed 'Sang' Mee with Shredded Chicken Meat (RM 35++)

I tell you, I absolutely love this "Wo Peng", one kind of a Hong Kong Pastry (RM 12++). However, that night itself I found this "Wo Peng" not too good, way too oily for my liking :(

To end our dinner, we had this Double Boiled Longan, "Lin Chi" and "Pak Hap" (RM 30++). I really think that not worthy to order this. So so so expensive! Mom can definitely boil this so much better!

After Dinner, it was K-session inside da VIP room.....

Duet with little sista ;)

It was definitely a delightful celebration we had! Once again, Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad! Both of you have make a wonderful life for sis and I. I am really grateful, I love you both; you are da best *Muaks*


LayfuN said...

Happy 27th Anniversarry to Uncle & Aunty~~!!

MamaBoK said...

Yummy..!! Happy belated Anniversary to your parents.. MeiYen.. ;)
27 years is no easy feat..!

Meiyen said...

layfun, thank you!!! :D

mamabok, thank you! oh yes i must agree that it's definitely not easy to build a happy family and i am sure that you can achieve to build one happy family with your hubby cause you are one great wifey and mommy ;)

Kay Stanford Jr Kastum said...

Now that's what I call a feast! I will be going there this Friday under company dinner. Hope we have the same view and same piglets!