Monday, October 16, 2006

Steamboat Buffet @ Jin Shan Cheng Restaurant, Sunway Mas

First of all, I would like to say thank you to my best friend, Yee Tyng and her beloved hubby for treating me Steamboat Buffet @ Jin Shan Cheng Restaurant, Sunway Mas on my birthday's eve! Oopss.. not only that she treated me but also my other half as well, that was really kind of her. Once again, thanks for da treat yah! :D First time to this place and I must say that da Buffet was really good and it's not really that expensive as it's only priced at RM 19.90 per pax.

Hot Hot Pot on top of da sign board

Whoaa.... love it! Lotsa fresh seafood, mushrooms, beancurds... yummy!

There were unlimited meats, sausages, seaweeds and they even provides pig and cow's 'Spare-parts'!!!

Different types of Vegetables, all my favourites!

We also had Lamb Cutlets but bear in mind, it's not included in da Buffet menu and you have to separately order it :)

There were Fried Dumplings and Fried Rice as well

Whoaaa.... love it! There were Steamed Herbal Eggs too, yummmmmm yummmy!

They serves different kind of Appetizers and different kind of Sauces to dip with.....

We ordered da 'Ma Lat' and Herbal Soup base (RM 25), very good!!!!!

As for Dessert, they have lotsa Jellies, Puddings and Fruits. If you fancy Ice-Kacang, it will be served upon request.

What a surprise! They serves French Toast as well, oooooooo I love it!

My best friend with her beloved hubby and her little princess ;)

Moi and Darling :)

My Best Friend and I :D

Overall, da Steamboat Buffet was good as they serves lotsa varieties of fresh Seafoods, Meats, Vegetables and etc. So far, I've never been to any Steamboat Buffet that serves Pig and Cow's 'Spare-parts' so, it really amazed me ;) Trust me, you won't regret to try it out :D


jessiewoo said...

1st of all a big HUGZ for the Birthday Gal ... n now lets sing song

Happy Birthday 2 U
Happy Birthday 2 U
Happy Birthday 2 Leng Leng
Happy Birthday 2 U

I would like to wish u a very Happy Birthday, wish u always in da Pink of Health, wish all ur dreams will come true, wish u will always happy and all da best yeah ...

Joe, Jessie, Jasmine & Baby Janelle

Meiyen said...

tyng, u are back!!!! :D thanks for da wishes, i really appreciate it very much :D hohohoho.... someone's birthday is around da corner ;)

LayfuN said...


im sorry for my absent for your 25th bday... but i hope u like the card and song i sang for u... and happy birthday to you again my dear fren...


Meiyen said...

layfun, i am sad that you wasn't around but of course, i like da card that you sent me and you really surprised me with da mms.... really touched.... *sob-sob* once again, thanks alot!

LayfuN said...

well.. i hope my song din scare u away.. haha~~ u r always welcome, my dear... *hugz*

Meiyen said...

layfun, of course it didn't scared me away! i was really happy to receive your mms... as i told you before, u are a great singer! absolutely a sweet birthday song from you, thank you! *muaks*