Friday, October 06, 2006

Zuup Soup Bar @ 1 Utama

Darling and I finally managed to step into Zuup Soup Bar @ 1 Utama yesterday. Located in a small and quiet corner opposite Bee's Bakery, I am quite surprised that they actually serves pretty good soup. We know that Zuup Soup Bar has been operating here quite some time but we seriously never thought of to try it out until recently when I heard numerous good reviews from food bloggers. Service was quite good, and da staffs were friendly too. Da staff that served us eventually took a few magazines and placed it on our table and one of them actually took courtesy to obtain feedbacks from us in regards to their servings. Not too bad, I thought that only happens in fine dining eateries.

Darling and I didn't order any drinks hence we asked for Iced-Water and unbelievably, they actually served us Iced-Water with a slice of Lemon in it. Pretty good!

For starter, I had da Wild Mushroom Cappucino soup which was highly recommended by Jackson (^^Living in Food Heaven^^). For da price of RM 6.90, this thick creamy blend of Porcini, Button and Shiitake Mushroom with Bread Crumbs definitely has my vote. It was very good, very creamy and I absolutely love it. However, strange enough that I didn't manage to taste a hint of Coffee at all, not even a little bit.

While I had creamy Mushroom soup, darling ordered da Minestrone Soup. Also priced at RM 6.90, this soup has got a tasty and creamy Tomato based flavour with Broccoli, Cabbage, Carrot, Onion and Cheddar Cheese with Spagetthi in it. It was quite good but darling and I somehow think that there were too many Bread Crumbs in it.

For a main, I had Pan Seared Dory with Angel Hair Pasta and Cheddar Garlic Sauce, which was lovely! Priced at RM 17.90, I must say that it was absolutely yummy and creamy. Da fish was of beautiful quality and da sauce was so tasty till I licked my whole plate clean :p

Darling had Rack of Lamb with Rosemary and Mint Sauce. For da price of RM 20.90, it was quite worthy though but darling commented that he didn't quite like da fact that da lamb was quite oily, otherwise it would be pretty good.

Apparently, we didn't think to order any Desserts as I wanted to munch on my favourite Popcorns later in da cinema. We asked for bill and da next minute, we were given free Ice cream! Goodie, 2 scoops of Ice cream for both of us! Anyways, I wasn't able to recognise da flavour of da Ice cream but who cares as it was foc and yummy! That was really nice, thank you! :D

I am not too sure about da rest of da food and soup, but da one we had was good though and Babe_KL (Babe in the City-KL) did mentioned that da Pumpkin Soup she had was yummy too! Now, that make sense why this place is highly recommended :)


babe_kl said...

meiyen, the cappucino is just a name for the soup, no coffee inside one hehe, it originated when some restaurants decided to serve mushroom soup in a cup topped with foam to make it look like cappucino.

*sobs* how come no FOC dessert for me geh?

Primrose said...

Hmm, I love soups. I might just drop by for that mushroom one tomorrow. I'm going to be at The Curve and OneU with my buddy. I'm not sure if I wanted to try pumpkin soup. I had it once at Secret Recipe and it sucked big time.

Meiyen said...

babe, i am not too sure what was da reason they gave us free ice cream but both of us didn't realise that there was actually a lunch/dinner set which includes one main + one drink + dessert and it costs only rm 15.90++ and da main that i had ady costs me rm 17.90++... perhaps because of that, they serves us free ice cream?

Meiyen said...

primrose, u should really try out their soups.. lotsa varieties and let me know which one u think is da best yah! :D hmm...never try before pumpkin soup at secret recipe and since u said that it wasn't good, i wouldn't want to be a 'white mouse'.. ekekekekke...

Primrose said...

My friend wasn't keen to try the soups today because we had Shogun buffet tonight. Nehmind. There's always a next time. I told her that the soups got great reviews from bloggers. :)

Meiyen said...

primrose, nvm.. do it next time and let me know if you like their soups yeah.. oh u went for da shogun buffet....was it good?