Thursday, November 09, 2006

Cable Car @ Genting Highlands

Last Sunday, darling and I went up to Genting Highlands to catch some fresh air and guess what? We didn't drive up. I mean darling drove but, we made a stop half-way through and took a Cable Car up instead. It was actually a last minute decision not to drive up cause I've never in my life took a cable car up to Genting before hence darling accompanied me to try it out for da very first time.

Whoaa..... South East Asia's fastest and longest Cable Car System? O_o Sure or not???? Oh by da way, there's a name for this cable car which's called as Genting Skyway ;)

Oh dear, such a longgggggggggggg queue!!!! Me getting very excited!!!!

Hohohoho.... okay, ready!!!! Got to jump inside as soonest possible already cause da Cable Car moves non-stop!

Muahahahahaha.... so happy, I managed to jump inside da Cable Car! O_o Actually, it was quite scary though.....

Wow... see so many Cable Cars going up and down. Anyways, I think I tried it once is enough cause it was pretty scary though without proper protection :p What if that thing falls? Surely gone case.....


toniXe said...

hey enjoy the ride and the view lah, its very very beautiful u know ! ( thought I saw you holding on tight, I was there 2 lah !)

got make any money ah ?

Meiyen said...

tonixe, yah...couldn't agree more with you... very nice rainforest view with freshy air but but... juz that i am freaking scared only whenever i think of, what if... that thing falls :p

oh by da way, you mean you was there last Sunday? O_o

oh yah... i did had some luck on that day ;)

LayfuN said...

gosh... cable car... the most scary thing for me to take to go genting highlands... really scare of it ler... haha~~ but somehow enjoyed it too wor... hehe~~

Meiyen said...

layfun, a combination of scared and happy feelings right? Ekekekeke..