Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Chili's @ 1 Utama

During da Ramadhan month, almost all da restaurants in da shopping complexes were packed with people and I was so surprised to see that those who were fasting actually sat in da restaurants 1-2 hours before breaking their Ramadhan fast. My god, I was supa dupa shocked cause it seemed that all da Halal Certified Restaurants/Cafes were fully occupied eventhough it was only 6pm, they had yet to start eating and somehow, there were no available seats for us :( We hop from one Restaurant to another in 1 Utama cause most of them already fully occupied and da last stop was Chili's. My other half told me no point to hop around anymore cause it would be da same anywhere else and having no choice, we waited more than 30 minutes for a table at Chili's.

Once seated, we quickly order as we saw many of them complaining that their orders had yet to serve after waiting for more than 30 minutes. Phewwww........ Darling had da Lamb Shoulder which happened to be a new item in da menu. Priced at RM 23.95, darling was given a marinated and grilled to perfection juicy 300gm Lamb Shoulder (as stated in da menu). Besides that, it also served with Mashed Potatoes (always my favourite!!!), fresh Veggies (oh, there were Broccolis!!!! loved it!!!) and with a Garlic Toast. For that price, what else can you ask for? Absolutely yummy and not expensive at all! ;)

While Darling had da Lamb Shoulder, me da pasta lover ordered da Tomato Basil Chicken Pasta. Priced at RM 21.95, da Penne Pasta with Marinara Sauce came with a nicely grilled Chicken Breast and a Garlic Toast. Very good, very well seasoned with Tomatoes, Basil and Parmesan Cheese. Delicious!!!!!

If you have been following my blog, I am sure you know that I've a sweet tooth and to keep my sweet tooth satisfied, darling ordered my all time favourite Brownie Sundae for me :D Priced at RM 9.95, this rich in Chocolate Brownie came with a Vanilla Ice Cream topping and served with Hot Fudge & chopped Walnuts. Sinfully good ;)

In summary, I must say that Chili's has always been a great place for some good semi-Western Food. Somehow, I realise that it's one of da Restaurants in my list that I've never stop returning to, be it with my family, my other half or with my friends ;)

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J said...

I love the alcoholic drinks there!
... especially the yummy margaritas.

Edmund said...

Chilis is one my favorite hangouts for lunch. The tomato basil pasta is always a safe choice. Monterey Chicken is not too bad and you could also try the Southwestern Cobb salad.
Any of these will set you back US$8.95 or US$9.95.

Meiyen said...

j, sad to say.. i've never try any alcoholic drinks at chili's before cause we are always afraid that we won't be able to finish up da food that we ordered.... nvm, think i will just drop by one fine day juz to have their margaritas since you said that it's yummy ;)

edmund, thanks for da tip!