Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Happy Birthday To Yee Tyng

Hohohoho... today is my best friend, Yee Tyng's birthday!

My dearest Tyng,

Happy Birthday To You & May All Your Wishes Come True!
May You Always Be Cheerful & Many Happy Returns To You!
Stay Pretty, Stay Cute, Stay Cool and...
Be a Good Mommy for your 2 Little Princess!

Happy Birthday To You, Tyng!


Jessie Woo said...

Thank You darling !!!!! i m so touched ...

Someone I can talk to 24/7
Someone I can trust and share the deepest secret
Someone who will be there always for me
Someone who will comfort me when I m down
Someone who listens to my craps
Someone who will brighten any sky that’s grey.
Someone who will fight for me and never let anyone to bully me
Someone who will cry with me and lend me a shoulder
Someone who will laugh with me
Someone who will understand my every weird emotion.
Someone who will care for me and always will

Someone who will always remain … Incredibly beautiful and true-
This someone is my best friend .. and the person is you … thank you

mama bok said...

Happy belated birthday .. Yee Tyng!! i wish you happiness always and good health.
Good friends are hard to come by.. ! cherish MeiYen dearly..!

Meiyen said...

jessie, O_o such a long longgggggggg tq note *blush* hey dear, you deserves everything from me cause you are truly one good friend! Love u lots!