Thursday, November 16, 2006

Happy Feet

If you have been reading my blog, you sure know that darling and I went to da Cinema Online's Exclusive Preview Screening of "Happy Feet" which was held @ GSC, Midvalley at 9pm. I must say that it was such an experience for both of us. We went to collect 2 free tickets from da booth and we were given 2 cutie passes (as seen above). Oh, I am going to keep that cause it's so cute and it has a 3D graphic printed on da passes! Let's continue...

It was close to 9pm then and we decided to walk in to da cinema. While on da way, there was an announcement asking us not to bring in any electronic devices in and that includes Mobile Phones, Pdas, Cameras and Video Cameras. We were then asked to submit all our electronic devices to da responsible staffs where they actually packed and zipped nicely into a transparent plastic bag which tag with numbers. Right after we surrendered our electronic devices, we then walked off and to my surprised.....

O_o O_o Oh my god!!!!!! So tight securities!!!! All da movie-goers got to be scanned before going in and my bag was being checked too cause I was carrying a huge bag! Well, I guess they must be thinking that I hide all my electronic devices inside. Lol..... Anyways, when I thought that everything was okay after I went through da 'checking-procedure', darling was somehow stucked there cause there was an alarm rang when he was being scanned. How could that happen when we'd surrendered all our electronic devices? Hahaha... funny thing, da staff finally realised that it was actually darling's car key that cause da alarm rang! Hohohoho... I actually enjoy those scenario though cause it had never happened before in my life, being scanned and being checked just to watch a movie. Such a happening night @ GSC, Midvalley!

Ladies & Gentleman,

Please take note, this's a must watch movie especially for the childrens! I am not going to say much over here but all I can say is that, you will definitely enjoy watching this movie. Funny and very touching too ;) Fyi, today is da official first day screening of "Happy Feet" in da Cinemas. Wait no more, go watch it and remember to bring your kids along too! ;)


toniXe said...

really so good ah. then must go with u 2 c canonot ? dun wolly I ask your daling first Hehehe. !

I plomise 2 watch the feet only Hahaha !

Meiyen said...

tonixe, i already watched this show 2 days ago ekekekeekekeke... ;)

boo_licious said...

Anything with penguins will sure be entertaining I reckon.

Dragon City said... tight security? Been a while i didn't watch any movie at MidValley..must go and try..hehe

going to watch happy feet, but have to watch Happy Season first. = )

Meiyen said...

boo, yahyah! they are so cute!!!!!!! i love them so much especially da babies!!! :D

dragoncity, yeah it was a very tight security cause da official opening of this movie was yesterday and da one i went to was da preview screening on tuesday night... so i guess they just do whatever they could to prevent any ilegals recording ;)i've yet to watch open season and will watch it once i've da time ;) i truly enjoy watching Happy Feet... da penguins are all so cute! :D