Thursday, November 09, 2006

Hou Mei Restaurant @ Genting Highlands

Thank god, we'd safely reach Uncle Lim's place (Genting Highlands) via da Genting Skyway Cable Car :p and of course time to look for food!!!! :D This time around, we made a stop at Hou Mei Restaurant which's situated in da busy shopping area at level 2, First World Plaza.

It definitely looks like an ideal place for some quick food and drinks but trust me, you got to queue to get a table eventhough it has a seating capacity up to 170. At da time we were there, it was freaking packed and I really wonder why cause it was just a normal Sunday.....

I had da Hou Mei Specialty Noodle. Priced at RM 9.30++, you can opt for dry or soup version. Basically, there's nothing much to shout about over this noodle cause those noodles were actually Maggie Mee which we had been warned by da Staff. I guess there must be lotsa complaints towards this Hou Mei Specialty Noodle or else, I don't think that da staff would have told us that those are actually Maggie Mee. Anyways, taste wise, quite okay though as it serves together with Chicken Meat and topped with one Fried Egg but of course, it's quite pricey for a bowl of Maggie Mee right?

While I had Noodle, darling went for da Roti John. Priced at RM 9.00++, I find this portion rather affordable as compare to da Hou Mei Specialty Noodle. It came with 2 pcs of Roti John with Omellette and Sardine fillings in it, a small portion of Salad and some French Fries. I had a few bites of it and I couldn't really judge whether it was yummy or not cause I've never tasted a Roti John before. However, darling didn't complain either so I bet it must be quite okay or else, he would have said that it was not delicious ;)

Oh by da way, I found out that this place is quite famous for "Kai See Hor Fun" as I saw lotsa of them ordered it. Whether it's yummy or not, I am unsure cause I didn't try it but if you happens to drop by this place, maybe you can try it out and let me know if is good yah! ;)


Timothy said...

Hi Mei Yen,

This is my first visit to your blog. I'd say it's very interesting and informative. If you don't mind, I've added you into my "Blogs I Read" list. As you know, I write too .. just a newcomer ... so, I rely on your sites for new food locations to review. Thanks for your information .... Tim.

Meiyen said...

hi timothy, thanks for visiting and of course i don't mind you listed me into your "Blogs I Read" and i am glad that you like my blog... ;)