Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Jack's Place @ Sunway Pyramid

As you all know, today is my best friend's birthday and we all know that she will be rather busy today celebrating her birthday with her hubby, colleagues and her family. Therefore, darling and I decided to treat her one "early bird" birthday dinner at Jack's Place, Sunway Pyramid last Saturday.

We opened one bottle of Red Wine to celebrate her birthday. Not too pricey, Very pricey as according to some feedback I obtained from food bloggers which's priced at RM 96 per bottle! only! Goodness, my other half checked his resit and found out that this bottle of Wine actually priced at RM 68 and not RM 96! So sorry for da wrong info...... :( (updated on 29-11-2006)

We kicked start with Garlic Breads complimentary from Jack's Place. Not bad, yummy!

That night, we had 4 adults, 1 kid and 1 baby hence we decided to go for da Combo Meals for da adults. We ordered 2 Main Courses of Harvest of The Sea Feast (shared by 2) which's priced at RM 68.50 per main and add another RM 7.50 per set/per pax for a complete set meal which includes choice of ala-carte Soup, Day's Dessert and Coffee/Tea.

Darling and my best friend opt for da Cream of Fresh Shiitake Mushroom Soup. I had a few sips and I find it not bad, creamy and tasty!

My best friend's hubby and me had Lobster Bisque Soup. It was good, very strong Lobster smell and flavour with a few tiny bites of Lobster meats inside.

As mentioned, 4 of us ordered da same main course. Darling shared it with my best friend's hubby while I shared another set with my best friend. This Harvest of The Sea Platter offers a variety of Seafood favourites such as Grilled Crayfish, Grilled Prawns, Grilled Mussels, Breaded Fish Fillet & Calamari which served with a small portion of Potato Salad, Broccoli and Caleslow with spicy Tarta and Tarta Sauce. Whoaaa..... definitely a good choice for 4 of us as we are all seafood lovers! Everything in da set, tasted really good especially da Grilled Crayfish, so yummy yummy! A little bit disappointed with da Grilled Mussels as it was a quite salty for my tastebuds and not so fresh. Other than that, it was all good! ;)

For my best friend's princess, we ordered a Kid's set meal for her. I don't quite remember what's da name and da price for this set meal but it has a combination of Fried Chicken and French Fries in a basket. I think that it was good too as my best friend's princess didn't complain and almost managed to finish everything! Thumb up for Princess Jasmine ;)

While we had wine, Princess Jasmine had Orange Juice which's included in her kid's set meal.

Dessert was a Mango Pudding. Not bad but it would be much better if they serves Ice-cream right? :p

Burrrrpp... we end our meal with Coffee and it was definitely one good dinner! Sooooo full!!!

Such a lovely and happy family! My best friend, Yee Tyng with her beloved hubby, Joe along with her 2 Little Princess, Jasmine (4 years old) and Janelle (2 months old) ;)

Such a lovely and happy couple! Me & Darling :D

Overall, da dinner was all good but service was quite slow. Poor thing, I guess there were only 3-4 staffs running up and down from da kitchen to da dining area. They should really hire more staffs or else diners will just go off angrily and leave a bad remark on them. We were patience that night because we could see that da staffs on duty were really trying their best to do everything they could, so there will be no complaints from me. After all, we had a good time enjoying our wine session before and after our food came ;)


babe_kl said...

whoa rm96 for a bottle of jacob's creek! u'll flip when u see the price in the supermart haha

mama bok said...

Love lobster bisque myself.. alot..! Pretty expensive wine .. i would say.. for Jack's place..??
But it was really nice of you .. to celebrate your best friend's birthday this way. And not be upset about the service. I hear Jack's place services is really bad... most times.. even in singapore.

Meiyen said...

babe, O_o oooopss... i don't really know da actual price for this bottle of wine but we thought it was okay to open one bottle for da birthday gal... anyways, will definitely check out how much is that in supermarket ;)

mamabok, ooopss.. you also think that da wine is way too expensive huh? i am really unsure how much is da actual selling price but for da birthday gal, it's all worthy! :) oh yeah, it happens all da time at Jack's Place.. been to da one at 1Utama and that was even worst!

KampungboyCitygal said...

when's ur turn of getting married?? such a sweet couple..

KampungboyCitygal said...

such a lovely couple..whens ur turn of gettin married

Meiyen said...

citygal, hmmmmm that's a good question! O_o i guess still a long way to go...:p

Jackson said...

meiyen, faster get married, and invite all of us - food blogger to yr wedding dinner...hehe...Babe_kl is correct, u will shouted at jack's Place when u saw the retail price of the wine...hehe....i feel that the wine finishing of Jacob's Creek is not so smooth...

Meiyen said...

jackson, haha.. no easy to get married.. need to plan properly so that it will be a perfect wedding cause i will have it only once and not more than that ;)

Oh my god, i think all i know is to eat and drink without really knowing da actual price or da retail price of it.. :( frankly speaking, i never know what's da exact price of a bottle of wine cause i am not familiar with it and all i know is to drink and enjoy it only.. lucky thing that my bf is quite familiar with da selections of wines or else me surely easily being cheated! oh i do agree with u, da Jacon's Creek isn't smooth and quite dry too :)

babe_kl said...

oopps sorry to create such a ruckus here over the wine. dont say you guys got cheated cos overall even if you BYO (if they allow) the corkage would sum up more or less than that amount. it's very nice of both of you to celebrate your best friend's birthday this way.

Meiyen said...

babe, no problem! it's good to have someone point it out ;) i seriously appreciate it... without u telling me, i wouldn't know and that's something i gained! ;)