Friday, November 10, 2006

Ketam Steamboat Seafood Restaurant @ Bandar Menjalara, Kepong

Last Sunday, after our 1 day trip to Genting Highlands, we drove back to KL and by da time we reached KL it was already 8pm and what else to do? Now, what you think we can do at that time? Of course, to have Dinner!!!!!! ;) Anyways, on our way back, it was somehow drizzling and for that kind of breezing wheather, darling suggested to have some hot and soupy food. O_o Hot and soupy food??? Hmmm.... must be Steamboat already!!!!! We thought da nearest place to have Steamboat Dinner would be somewhere around in Bandar Menjalara, Kepong hence we decided to make a stop at Ketam Steamboat Seafood Restaurant.

O_o can you see how far we seated from da Restaurant? Yeah, it was freaking packed with diners and eventhough they had 3-4 shop lots to squeezed in all da diners, it wasn't enough still and we were asked to get a table right opposite da Restaurant where we got to have our dinner sitting infront of those office shoplots. My god, so good business! I bet they really making lotsa money.....

Best Steamboat Chillies ever, love them especially da one in green! Yum yummy!!!!!!

Oh before I forget, da Steamboat Dinner is priced at RM 13.30 per pax and you can actually opt to have only Chicken stock based soup or to have only Tomyam based soup or to have both. We wanted both but if you look clearly into this picture, you will think that those soup looked da same right? At first, we thought it was a mistake too but somehow when we tried out da soup, one of them was da Chicken stock based soup and another one was da Tomyam based soup. But... how come they looked da same? O_o

Now, for da price of RM 13.30 per pax it definitely includes stuff like Meatballs, Crabstick, fresh Prawns, Fish fillets, Vegetables, Fishball and etc. Hmmm.. if you ask me how's da portion like, I would say that they are not too big and not too small, just good enough to fill your tummy!

Oh oh, they serves 'Fu-chuk' too and I absolutely loved it! It looks so crispy before putting into da Steamboat pot and once cooked, whoaaa soft and yummy yummy!

Besides that, 'Yee-mee' Noodle, Beehoon and 2 fresh Eggs were given as well! Not too bad right for that price?

As you all know, I am a Mushroom lover hence darling ordered this Enoki Mushroom for me which's priced at RM 8 per plate. Ermmm I think it's kinda expensive cause for this price, I can easily grab at least 3 packets from da supermarket though.

I am sure most of da Steamboat lovers should know that Bandar Menjalara, Kepong is a place where you can find lotsa Steamboat Restaurants and somehow I heard that it's listed as da best place for Steamboat in KL/PJ area. Apparently, after a few stops at different Steamboat Restaurants around this area, I still find that Ketam Steambot Seafood Restaurant is da best so far as they really serves pretty fresh Seafood and Veges. By looking at da crowd during weekends, one should be able to judge whether their Steamboat is good or bad.

It's not too hard to find this place though. If you are coming from ldp, make a U-turn after da Tol and keep to your right. Turn right and you will meet one roundabout. At da roundabout, turn left (9 o'clock) and go straight till you meet a junction which's right infront of a Mosque. Once you reach that junction, turn left right and you will see a few petrol stations on your left. Turn right at da first junction and go straight. You will see da restaurant is located on your left hand side.


Nadia said...

wow, looks delicious!! do you know if its pork-free by any chance?

Meiyen said...

nadia, ermmmm i am not too sure bout it but i don't think this's a halal certified restaurant..

J said...

Wow,... it looks like very good value for money!

Only about 13 bucks for so much!

toniXe said...

ya u r right, this place has many marvellous food. (xcept I only went to the dark and dusty kalaokes lah, also many here !)

heard also got ulu yam lormee, pork knuckles, etc etc

Meiyen said...

j, yeah quite worthy...u can try it out but if you are going on weekends, do go early or else, you will end up sitting far far away from da restaurant and you will have trouble ordering as da staffs will be supa dupa busy that they may miss to take your order!

Meiyen said...

tonixe, O_o aikss.. i didn't know there are k'okes around this place.. and i didn't know bout da ulu yam lor mee and da pork knuckles too.. where's da exact location?

toniXe said...

let me get back to u , I can't remember clearly now ! ( must be mabuk lah ....)

Meiyen said...

tonixe, oh sure...thanks! whoa... so easy mabuk eh? :p