Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A Little Tale of MeiyeN & YeetynG

Believe it or not, I got to know my best friend back in primary school (Standard 4) but we weren't that close back then cause we were placed in a different class. Again, we met each other when we went to da same secondary school and at that time, we were merely normal schoolmates till when we went into da same class from Form 3 - Form 5. During that period of time, we oftenly hang out together whether in school or out of school. We went to da same tuition teacher, same tuition center and inside da class, she would always sit right behind me. However, right after Form 5, we went separately as I continued my studies in a different College while she went to da same College as my other friends. I still can remember how lonely I was when I first entered myself into College cause I had nobody with me and because of that, we'd lost touch. I cried to my mom telling her that I wanted to join them than to be alone in this new college. However, I know that it was impossible cause my dad had already paid up all da fees! I was very sad and down cause we were no longer close and we only met up once in a blue moon till one day she informed me to attend her wedding dinner and that was da time our friendship starts to blossom all over again.

Since then, we've always been keeping in touch. We went parties together, we clubs together, shops together and that could last till da wee hours in da morning! Oh yes, she's a very sporting gal and eventhough she's married with kids, her mind is always as young as ever and there's definitely no gap in between us. Many years ago, there was a time when I was going through 'hell' in life, she was da one being there for me. She listened to my sad songs, she cried along with me. I was in pain and she never give up to help me stand up on my own again. She knew that I was such a fool back then but she never back off herself and dump me aside but in return, she respect my decision, watched me from da top and guide me till I finally wake up from that nightmare. She has been a real good friend to me and without her, I wonder what would my life be! Thank you so much my dear! It's a blessing to have you as my best friend, always!


mama bok said...

Hey.. MeiYen,
It's good to know that some ppl still cherish good friends.. :) I'm pretty sure.. you are a great friend to have too.. :)

Meiyen said...

mamabok, both of us went through lotsa ups and down not only in our friendship but other stuff as well.. that's why we do cherish each other very much..:)not only that she's my best buddy but also my partner in crime :p :p