Friday, November 03, 2006

Malaysia International Gourmet Festival Menu at Med.@ Marche, Rennaisance Hotel

Da Lucky Me with Med. @ Marche's Chef De Cuisine Tim Yee hails all da way from Napier, New Zealand.

Moi and My Beloved Darling at Med. @ Marche, Rennaisance Hotel

After much persuation from me to try out da Malaysia International Gourmet Festival (MIGF) Menu, darling finally gave da green light! Thank you so much, darling! Frankly speaking, I know that I've been very much spoilt and pampered by my other half. He never once says 'No' to me in whatever I wants and never disappoints me at all. I am really glad, really glad that I've him with me. Once again, thank you darling!

Now, back to da MIGF, we decided to try out da Festival Menu at Med @ Marche, Rennaisance because we have never tasted Mediterranean food before and looks like it was a good choice! To my understanding, Med @ Marche is famous for serving special Meditterranean food which is currently leaded by Chef De Cuisine Tim Yee. Before I go any further, let me briefly introduce the Festival Menu that we had yesterday night.

The Festival Menu at Med @ Marche, Rennaisance
RM 209++ per person with 3 glasses of Wine
RM 149++ per person without Wine
6-Course Dinner

Around The Mediterranean Sea
Tuna Carpaccio
Terrine of Scallops & Leek
Salt Cod Stuffed Calamari
Clams & Preserved Lemon
Blue Crab in Vine Leaf
(Wine Pairing: Morton Estate Sauvignon Blanc)

Pigeon Consomme with Porcini Mushrooms on Griddled Raisin Bread Dumplings scented with Truffle


Artichoke Soup with Osietra Caviar & Chive

Sauteed Tiger Prawns, Fennel Provolone Ravioli in Sage Burnt Butter
(Wine Pairing: Errazuriz Estate Chardonnay)

Pallete Cleaner
An Evolution of Red Grape Sorbets

Mediterranean Roasted Rack of Lamb with Turnip Turnovers & Root Vegetables
(Wine Pairing: Brown Brothers Limited Release Shiraz)


Simmered Fillet of Plaice, Lettuce Anchovy Emulsion & Textured Beetroot
(Wine Pairing: Brown Brothers Limited Release Chardonnay)


Crisp Involtini of Mediterranean Vegetables & Buffalo Mozzarella with Black Olive Sauce
(Wine Pairing: Brown Brothers Limited Release Chardonnay)

Saffron Ice Cream on Mango Galette with Toasted Almond Meringue

Illy Coffee or Tea

Now, it's time to let da Photos do da talking!!!!! ;)

I like da ambience of this place as it gives me a very cozy and comfy feelings :)

Moi with da Med @ Marche Festival Menu. Ooooooopssssss O_o da menu was somehow 'terbalik'....

Okay, okay, this one much better right? Ekekekeke.....

Complimentary 2 glasses of Sangria as a pre-dinner drink for us of the Festival Menu. A mixture of Red Wine, Fruit Juices and Soda Water, it's a very refreshing cooler!

A Perfect Fine Dining Table Setting ;)

Different kinds of complimentary Breads

We took da RM 209++ per pax package and as so, we started off with da Morton Estate Sauvignon Blanc Wine and pair with.....

Around The Mediterranean Sea

This Tuna Carpaccio was brilliant and good! Tangy and flavourful, I loved it!

Da Clams were pretty tasty, minty and I like da way that they actually served it with shredded Ginger. As for da Salt Cod Stuffed Calamari (left side), it was yummy, not too salty just perfect for my tastebuds!

I love this Blue Crab in Vine Leaf. It looks so special right? Wanna know how it looks like? Ekekekekeke.... Well, next to this Blue Crab in Vine Leaf, it was da Terrine of Scallops and Leek. All I can say is that, this Terrine of Scallops and Leek was superbly yummy. Seriously, I can feel a 100% sastifaction sensation having that! Just too good to be true!

This's how da Blue Crab in Vine Leaf looks like. Hmmm..... yummy yummy!

A pair of Lovebirds and time for.....

Soupy. Whooooaaaaaa....... such a huge plate for soup!!!!! No kidding, I was pretty surprised though. Okay, this's da Artichoke Soup with Osietra Caviar and Chive. We were told by Chef Tim Yee that he took around 3-4 hours to boil this soup da Artichoke just to soften it, O_o such a long time!

Zoom in, you will see Osietra Caviar which blend so well with this Artichoke Soup. At first, my other half find it really weird to drink this soup as it was very unusual. Oh yes, first experience to taste this kind of tangy vege soup! When he mentioned that it tasted weird, I quickly took a sip of da soup and...... whoaaaaaaaaa such a special creamy soup!!!!!!! Seriously, I think that this soup is extremely special and happy that I had a chance to try it out ;)

While darling had da Artichoke Soup, I wouldn't want to have da same kind of soup that he had obviously. Therefore, I opt for da Pigeon Consomme with Porcini Mushrooms on Griddled Raisin Bread Dumplings Scented with Truffle. Gosh, such a long name right? Well, I really don't know how to describe this soup but I must say that it was marvellous! Everything that you see tasted so gooooooood!

Next, we had da Sauteed Tiger Prawns, Fennel Provolone Ravioli in Sage Burnt Butter. Well, well, well, I am seriously out of words to desribe this yummylicious Entree. All I can say is that da Tiger Prawns were very fresh and to match it with da cheesy pasta, it was heavenly delicious! Believe it or not, I licked da whole plate clean :p

Before we continue our journey to da Mains, we took a break and enjoy this yummy Evolution of Red Grape Sorbets to stimulate our tastebuds. Absolutely my favourite! :D

For Mains, darling had da Mediterranean Roasted Rack of Lamb with Turnip Turnovers and Root Vegetables. Darling loved it so much and told me that it was a good roast! He gave thumb up for this and when I had a bite of it, wow, da meat...... soooooooooooooooo different from da one I usually had at other places. It was so tender and delicious! Trust me, this is a must try main course. Heavenly good!

I had da Simmered Fillet of Plaice, Lettuce Anchovy Emulsion and Textured Beetroot which was quite good also. Da Flatfish was very fresh and nicely rolled. I loved da Anchovy very much but definitely not da Beetroot cause it was somehow tasteless. Anyways, I still think that darling's main was much better than mine.

Oh before I forget, da above food need to be paired with Brown Brothers Limited Release Shiraz (Red) and Brown Brothers Limited Release Chardonnay (White) to fully enjoy da mains. Nevertheless, they served good Wines! Loved it.....

Da Wine Lovers ;)

Look, who's that? Hehehehehe... oh yes, Chef De Cuisine Tim Yee! He was so busy yesterday night and sweating all da way...

Last Course of da night, a sinfully yummy Saffron Ice Cream on Mango Galette with Toasted Almond Meringue. My oh my, we waited this Dessert for so long.. at least 20 minutes to be served! This Toasted Almond Meringue Puff was absolutely crispy and so warm that da Saffron Ice Cream melted right away. Yummy, yummy, yummy!

We end our meal with a cup of Coffee. I tell you, we were extremely fully loaded with good food and good wine yesterday night. Soooo sooooooooooooo full that I could hardly walk :p

Not too bad, since we are da Mercedes-Benz Priviledge Card Holder, we entitled to have a complimentary gift box of Pralines and looks like there will be a 20% discount on da Festival Menu for my next visit! However, I doubt so that I will be visiting da same participating restaurant. Anyone wants it?

Overall, good food and good wine on the Festival Menu at this Med. @ Marche, Rennaisance Hotel. I would say that it was worthy and Chef Tim Yee was very friendly to us that he took some time to actually chat with us and explained to us how he actually cooked da food and what kind of ingredients he used. I particularly like da 'Around The Mediterranean Sea' and da Sauteed Tiger Prawns cause it was really delicious and for da very first time trying Mediterranean food, it definitely left us a pretty good and sweet memory!


Anthony said...

Hi meiyen, I really like your blog. If not by reading your blog, I will never know about this Gourmet Festival being held in KL. Thanks for the information. I think i want try this Restaurant that you had just review. They look very appetizing. One more thing, I really wonder how you can keep yourself so fit with so much of food intake. You and your bf are so loving. He's really lucky to have such a beautiful girlfriend like you! Keep up the good work as I am waiting for more of your food reviews.

J said...

Lovely review!
... but well, that's as close to the MIGF as I'm ever gonna get....

Thanks for sorta letting me experience the food through your photos...
(I wish I could take a bite though - that lamb looks good!)

Mama BoK said...

Wow..!! everything looks so yums..! your spouse .. very sporting..!! Still have to say it're so blessed to have a spouse who enjoys the same things with you .. ;)

Meiyen said...

hi anthony, thanks for dropping by. oh yes, da food yummylicious!! :D ermmm... seriously, i don't see myself as fit, i've lotsa baby fats in me :( as compare to last time, i really put on alot.. REALLY ALOT!!! :( sad sad sad case..... arghhh all because of FOOD.. i just can't resist it...:p oh yeah, i don't think that he's lucky to have me, but i think i am lucky to have him :D he's one nice dude ;)

Meiyen said...

j, how i wish that you agree to join me along earlier! da lambs absolutely delicious wey and very special too ;)

Meiyen said...

mamabok, everything looks good and yummy right... but can only do it for once.. cause it's just too costly!!!! oopss.....sporting spouse? i am not his wifey yet....:p no doubt, he's a nice guy.. a very kind-hearted person :)

toniXe said...

real klassse place for very very fine dining huh !

way to go pretty lady !

J said...

Me no MARRRRNEEEEE lah.....!

We go for something more affordable lah....

boo_licious said...

ooooh, looks very interesting - wish my bf was so indulgent on me, u're so lucky! My friend did Prego's MGIF menu which was okay only as service was kinda haphazard. Didn't join her as we tried out Neroteca but I oohed and aahed over her yummy pixs last nite.

Meiyen said...

tonixe, oh yes! ;)

j, no problem.. so.. where do you suggest? ;)

boo, i heard da festival menu at EEST would be much better but looks like it's more costly i wish i have da chance to have a look on da pics!!!! ;)

Fiona said...

Yorrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!! So lucky lahhhhh you!!!!!! Your hubby really sayang you to the maximum to bring you this kind of place for dinner. Those Food making me hungry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meiyen said...

fiona, oh yes... he's really a nice dude ;) wey....da food making u hungry ley... ekekekekeke..... wanna go try? i got da 20% discount card with me wey...sms will ya?

J said...

Well,... is there anywhere in particular that you've been wanting to try?

Meiyen said...

j, ermmmmm.... why not you recommend? i am okay with anything actually hehehehe...;)

babe_kl said...

hmmm indulgence!!! reminds me of my paktor days with my then bf haha... dun think i will fork out so much, i think we have passed our phase hehehe... moreover its not convenient to bring a notti boiboi for fine dining

Meiyen said...

babe, paktor days fun fun fun!!!! and i've been warned by my bf that i can only have all these joyful moments now and not after we are married! O_o he even mentioned that once we are married, he expect me to be a good wifey, eg. cook at home, take care of house work, take care of kids and etc. oh my god, do u think i should get married? i rather stay at this stage, just to paktor only..:p