Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Matsuba @ Desa Sri Hartamas

We've been going crazy over Japanese food lately and I remembered that I once spotted this Japanese eatery that I've yet to try somewhere around Desa Sri Hartamas. So, it's Matsuba Japanese Restaurant which is located on da 1st floor of Plaza Prisma Ville, same row as where Foong Lye Restaurant is. This Restaurant really caught my attention with its signboard stated there as a Japanese Buffet Restaurant but when we went inside, we were told that they no longer run da Buffet section, only ala-carte options available. Well, nevermind!

That day, we didn't order any Sashimi set but we started off with da Tempura Moriawase. Priced at RM 20, we both think that it was really good! Frankly speaking, I found this deep fried batter Seafood & Vegetables way much better than da one I had before at Rakuzen, Chulan Square. Furthermore, much cheaper and served in a big portion!

To da mains, darling had Unagi Don. Priced at RM 22, da Grilled Eel was very fresh! I had a few bites and with da Teriyaki Sauce served over da soft and sticky Japanese Rice, whoaaaaaaaaa delicious, okay! My other half said da same thing too and gave thumb up for this! ;)

While darling had da Unagi Don, I went for da Hoikoro Ramen which's priced at RM 15. I was so tempted to order this da moment I saw it in da menu. Well, all because of one good looking Egg I guess! ;) I absolutely loved this Hoikoro Ramen as it tasted really special. It was served hot with lotsa Veges and sliced Pork Meats while da soup tasted a little bit spicy with a generous amount of Ramen given. Whoaa.... so slurpy!!!! I bet Ramen lovers will definitely love this, so yummy! :D

If you haven't been to Matsuba Japanese Restaurant, I recommend you to give it a try. They've lotsa Ramen selections and Set menus too with a decent price of course. So, wait no more and go for it ;)


alice said...

hei this is a good review! this jap rest is my favourite place and you should try other ramens too.. very nice oh!

J said...

yum yum.
Looks good!

Rasa Malaysia said...

You eat out a lot Meiyen...lucky you. :)

Meiyen said...

alice, hmmm looks like you are quite frequent hanging out around hartamas area huh? so, which other restaurants would you recommend me to try? ;)

j, yeah... yummy-licious! maybe you should go try it out...think u will like their ramens :D

rasa malaysia, usually we eat out during weekends :D

Jackson said...

wow...Meiyen! You really like Japanese food hor! Da Tempura look so yummy! I wan i wan! Next time call me along, ok?

Meiyen said...

jackson, yeahyeah.. so r u intested to go for da "makan-makan" fiesta?

Someone who is constantly craving said...

Hey..i actually read your blog alot..that being bought my attention to matsuba..should give it a try one day as i like to find new food aroun sri hartamas..for other japanese restaurants u could try edo-jo which is behind True Fitness or Sugimoto which is along the row of the busier shops..

MeiyeN said...

someone, glad to know that you enjoy reading my blog! :D at matsuba, you've lotsa selections especially those bento set and ramens.. edo-jo? will try it out next time, thanks!