Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Moi Lunar Birthday

Yesterday was my Lunar Birthday hence another Birthday celebration for me and this time around, I celebrated it with my beloved family. Thank you so much dad and mom for raising me up and continously shower with me lotsa love and care eventhough I am such a big gal now. Thank you to my little sista and my darling once again giving me such a memorable lunar birthday.

Uncle Miki Ojisan Cheesecake for me???

Oooooo.... darling bought me a Blueberry Cheesecake! Yummy, yummy!

One Happy Family on My Lunar Birthday

Lovey-dovey Couples ;)

Birthday Song for me ;)

Next, make a wish! May all my wishes come true!!!!!

Time to blow off da Candles!!!!!!! I somehow wonder why we must blow off da Candles before cutting da Cake :p

Da cake-cutting moment with my beloved family :)

Cake-cutting moment together with my darling :)

Birthday kiss from darling.....*smoochie smoochie*

Hohohoho... da Blueberry Cheesecake from Uncle Miki Ojisan, Bangsar Village. Cheesylicious and yummy!

Happy Moi with cutie Cherry ;)

Okay, enough of photos. and stay tune for my Lunar Birthday Dinner @ La La Chong Seafood Restaurant. I will try to review it asap yeah.... Do check out my Lunar Birthday Dinner review @ La-la Chong Seafood Restaurant.


jessiewoo said...

Happy Birthday Darling !!!!!!!


Meiyen said...

jessie, thank you!!!! *muaKs* someone's birthday coming very soon ady.... ekekekekeke.. see u this sat at jack's place, pyramid yeah!

jessiewoo said...


kekeke yeahyaeh so see yeah ...

LayfuN said...

Happy birthday to both of u~~~ sorry for cant make it for u all again...

*muacks* miss u all n love u~~

Shelly said...

hi, i like the cheese cake too but i think it's expensive for a small cake that cost me rm 40. i usually buy it on special occasion for my kids. fyi, bsc is not the only place u can get this cake. isetan in klcc and lot 10 do have this brand too.

Meiyen said...

jessie, one more question, u bringing princess janelle o not? :p

layfun, nvm.. we have a belated one later when u are back yah!

shelly, thanks for dropping by! i am not too sure bout da price of this cake but i like it very much though..... hmm.. looks like nowadays kids are so lucky! i don't remember i ever had cheesecakes when i was still a kid! oh yeah, i know that they have a small stall both at isetan klcc and lot 10 ;) their cotton cheesecake is good too!

babe_kl said...

happy belated birthday mei yen!

Meiyen said...

babe, thank you!!! :D

Honey Star said...

Happy Belated Birthday meiyen, Have a great year filled with lots of happiness and love!

Meiyen said...

honeystar, thanks a lot!!!! :D