Thursday, November 23, 2006

Movie Promo: Seed Of Darkness

Before I go any further, please note that this's a post to promote the First Malaysian Chinese Horror Movie, Seed of Darkness which will be out in da Cinema this coming 28th December 2006. Now, I don't get any paid, no benefits and no free tickets for doing this but I am here to do a favour for my friend, Oliver who's a Producer and an Editor for this movie. He has asked me to promote his movie in my blog and hopefully by helping him to promote, there will be one overwhelming respond when da movie is out in da Cinema.

For your information, this movie is actually produced and directed by Dream Image (Award Winning Film Makers) and distributed by Columbia Pictures. Da Main Casts are Wong Sze Zen, Alvin Wong, Amber Chia and Vick Teo. If you are unsure who they are, Wong Sze Zen was formerly crowned Miss Malaysia World 2003/2004, Alvin Wong won da Best Actor in Malaysian Video Awards 2005 and acted in commercials and drama (Home Coming), Vick Teo was da 2nd runner up for Malaysian Idol 2003 while Amber Chia, needless to say, I am sure all of you know that she's currently da top supermodel in Malaysia :)

So ladies & gentleman, if you have da time and if you are into horror movies, please do watch it and support our local movie industry yah! Many thanks in advance, on behalf of Oliver :)

Seed of Darkness Trailer :


andrew said...

horror film!?!!!!!!??? my kind of movie! wahhhhhhhhhhh somemore malaysia made ah???? must go watch... oh i saw the article regarding this movie in The Star paper today!

Anonymous said...

Hie..I am the producer of Seed of Darkness, Oliver. We'd put up alot of efforts to make sure the quality of the film is up to the standard of international.

So pls show your support and check it out. Somemore it is distributing by Columbia pictures, the movie must have a certain standard for them to accept. :)

Anyway thanks for the posting Yen..sorry for the late postup.. Hehe