Friday, November 17, 2006

Rakuzen @ Chulan Square

Last Sunday, we were somewhere around KL area and came dinner time, I was somehow craving for Japanese food. After all, it has been a month now da last time I had Japanese food and since we were quite near to Jalan Raja Chulan, I suggested darling to have a meal at Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant which is located in Chulan Square. Earlier, I had blogged over other Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant outlets which's located at Subang Jaya and another one at Hartamas Shopping Mall which serves really good Japanese food! Upon reaching Chulan Square, time to find a place to park our car and once we turned in, we were asked to pay RM 3! O_o I seriously didn't quite like da idea of paying RM 3 for da parking fee :( moreover, we parked our car for less than 2 hours only! Anyways, not that we had a choice cause that's da only place you can park or else if we were to park our car outside, on da yellow lane, be prepared for da car to be towed away by DBKL and we definitely wouldn't want to risk ourselves that way hence anyhow also got to fork out that RM 3 :(

I quite like da ambience of this place. Nicely decorated with warm lightings. However, you needs to climb up cause Rakuzen is located upstair instead of downstair which's now occupied by Bangkok Jam Thai Restaurant if I am not mistaken. Oooooo quite tiring I thought and not so convenient for da elderly though.

We started off with a cold dish, Sen Raku Sashimi which's priced at RM 68. There were 6 varieties of Sashimi: Chutoro, Kanpachi, Salmon Harami, Amaebi, Nama Hotate and Ika. Everything was so good, fresh and very well chilled! Definitely da best place for Sashimi! Just so yummy-licious!!! Slurpp......

This time, we had da Stamina Roll which's priced at RM 28. Stamina? Sounds so energetic right? Ehehehehehe... well, I am not too sure why it's named as Stamina Roll but trust me, it was really good. Da Avocado and Omellette were very well rolled and topped with one whole Roasted Eel. We'd tried before Dragon Roll and Unagi with Avocado Roll and we know that Dragon Roll is da signature special maki @ Rakuzen but somehow, we think that it isn't da best for us though and we still prefer this Stamina Roll followed by da Unagi with Avocado Roll.

I am a fish lover and can't stop myself from ordering a fish dish whenever I spots them in da menu hence darling ordered this Ma Hokke which's a Grilled Atka Mackerel. Priced at RM 28, I find it really yummy! Darling and I definitely enjoyed eating this very much! Da fish was absolutely fishy fresh, grilled to perfection and da fish texture, wow oh wow... undescribeable! Definitely da kind of texture that I always like!

We also had this Tempura Moriawase which's priced at RM 25. This Assorted Tempura includes Prawns, Fish and some Veges. Hmmm..... nothing much to shout about as you can have this anywhere at other Japanese Restaurants but I kinda like da way they fried da Tempuras with no sticky flour in-between.

Next, we had da Cha Soba which's priced at RM 18. Da moment this Green Tea Noodle brought to our table, it was supa dupa cold! I think that it was somehow over-chilled and as a result, da texture of da noodle was rather dry and hard. We waited for awhile to have a bite on it so that da noodle wouldn't be too chilled and at least not so hard.

For dessert, once again we ordered da Strawberry Ice-cream wrapped with Rice Skin which's priced at RM 8. Looking at this picture, nothing special about it and definitely didn't taste as good as da one I had before at Subang Jaya outlet. Da Rice Skin was so hard and I suspect that they'd actually make this very much earlier, maybe already past few days or else it wouldn't tasted like one expired dessert. Very much disappointed and definitely not happy :(

Da 1st dessert was really bad and luckily da 2nd one was still okay. Again, we ordered da same dessert we had before at Subang Jaya outlet, a Vanilla Ice-cream Waffer with Thick Chocolate in it. Priced at RM 8, it was really good just like da one I had before. No complain. I think it's best to stick with this dessert at all time.....

In summary, da food quality in this 3 branches all good! It's da matter of fact that which outlet is nearer to your place or da one you wish to go. My point of view, I most prefer da one at Hartamas Shopping Mall maybe because that place is more happening, packed with diners and it has a romantic ambience. As for my other half, he told me that he would prefer da Chulan Square outlet cause da place is spacious, quiet and diners tend to have more privacy to enjoy their dinner. So, it's really up to da individuals. Hmm... have you been to this place? If yes, what do you think and if no, maybe you can try to make a stop cause they really serves good japanese food! Yummy yummy!!!!!!

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boo_licious said...

You can get the ice cream wafer in the Japanese shops. The one I usually go to ran out of it though hence I never did snap a pix of it.

I love the Hartamas one - my friend recently went and she said they have a great Sashimi Salad. They also do this thingy where u pay RM99 and sit at the sushi counter and they will keep supplying you with different kinds of food/sashimi/sushi and etc depending on the chef's mood.

Meiyen said...

boo, yah....i remember you told me that before.... will try to get it from a jap supermarket ;)

yahyah...da Hartamas outlet has got a great ambience! Love it! O_o RM 99 having unlimited food? omg, really? i wanna go!!!! RM 99 per pax? applicable on weekends? anytime? omg, i am so excited..:p when da promotion ends?

Honey Star said...

Nice ambiance!! Hey, is Zen (Sunway) under Rakuzen?

Meiyen said...

honeystar, i am not too sure bout it...maybe you can check with boo :)

Jackson said...

wow...if what boo said is true...then we should go for the 99 buffet together...hehe

Meiyen said...

jackson, yeah yeah that's definitely one good idea! so....when? :p

Pam said...

Hello! This is my first time here, chanced upon this whilst being at Chocoholic's.

thought I'd leave my post here...since craving for sashimi n raw oysters are so great... hehe1!! *just gone to this new place called Shin Nichi over the weekend. satisfied...*burp*

Good reviews here too. mind if I add u on blogroll ?

p/s-HOneystar: YES, Zen Pyramid n Rakuzen -same company managing it.

Meiyen said...

hi pam, it's really nice to see u here! thanks for visiting and i found your blog really cool! thanks for da tip.. i have yet to try Shin Nichi though.. shall try it out one day! oh by da way, of course i won't mind that you add me on blogroll...;) thanks!