Thursday, November 09, 2006

Step Up

Oh yes, watched it yesterday! As you all know, it was a complimentary 2 tickets from Cinema Online that I won through da contest.

Basically, "Step Up" is all about dancing and musical/performing arts. I didn't expect much on this movie but it turned out to be quite okay though.

Tyler (Channing Tatum) did an excellent job as a troubled teenager influenced by his peers and end of da day, he changed after he met Nora (Jenna Dewan) that indirectly showed him da right path where he found and realised his own goal which is to dance. I must say that they are both great dancers and that makes me wanna dance too right after da movie :p

I guess there's a message behind this movie, it shows how dedicated a person can be just to chase for their wildess dream and eventually, hard works and commitments pay off.

Hmmm... I find this movie quite like da movie "Save The Last Dance" that I watched many years ago. It's good to have da same kind of movie appearing once again in da cinema cause I somehow like this kind of movies though and I did enjoyed watching it.

A romantic, inspirational and a touching movie. Quite worth watching it ;)

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Anonymous said...

hi there, a whole bunch of us watched this movie yesterday... like their dancing steps!